Calgary’s leading music and performing arts education!  Locally owned and owner-managed, Music and Play is Calgary’s leading performing arts school offering classes in all areas of the Performing Arts. These include Group and Private Music Lessons, Musical Theatre, ShowChoir and Theatre classes and Dance classes for all ages. At Music and Play our students to go beyond the notes, the words and the steps and into the world of creativity and the arts!


NEW – Winter Registration: Priority registration for winter classes (Music Pups, Music Adventures, MYC-Sunrise, Musical Theatre, ShowChoir, Theatre and Dance) is now open for new families!

Meet our 2014/2015 Faculty: To find out more about our great faculty click here.

A Successful Adventure!: Our NEW unparented Music Adventures class for 3 – 4 year olds is a great success!  Thanks to all our new Adventurers for joining the journey! For more information on the program please click here.

2014/15 Private Lessons: Please contact us directly to schedule an assessment for private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass, theory, flute, violin or saxophone to discuss what options may still be available. Private lessons may be begun any time during the year!  For information on our faculty please click here.

2014/2015 Classes: Please note that all year long classes are closed for the year, but semestered classes will be opening for priority registration on Nov. 1 at noon. New families can register beginning Nov. 15 at noon.  To register for all classes please click here.

The Performing Arts: So what does it really mean to be a performing arts school – and how do you choose?  Take your time, and before you make the leap, do some research. There’s more involved than you might think. Click here to find out all you need to know in our ‘How to Choose a School’ section.

Sibling Care: Do you have more than one child and want to attend a parented music class? Click here for to find out about our Create & Play sibling care program and how we make it easy for you to attend!

We offer leading curriculums:
Music for Young Children® (MYC): a dynamic, child-centered curriculum for ages 3 through 11. This innovative, parented, Canadian system combines proven music education theories into one comprehensive method of keyboard, rhythm, singing, theory, movement and more.  A fun and imaginative environment filled with games, storytelling and hands-on activities engages children in learning and allows them to explore music concepts while building concentration, self-expression and confidence.

Music Pups®: for ages 0 - 3 , this parented music and movement program is designed to nurture the musical development of young children by involving parents and caregivers in music and movement activities with their child.  Through teacher modeling, play, parent education,  acclaimed CDs, and the joy of the classes, Music Pups provides a catalyst for parents to create a stimulating musical environment for their child.

Music Adventures: in this unparented music and movement program, students aged 3 - 4 sing, listen, move, play instruments and create their own musical world. Using a child-centered model and drawing on the Kodaly method and Orff Schulwerk, the concepts of rhythm, melody, form, and expression will be taught. Students will be exposed to many styles of world music and traditional songs.

Private Lessons: Want to learn music for fun or work towards examinations and competitions? Excellent, you’ve taken the first step towards your musical growth and we have highly experienced instructors who would love to help you! If you are interested in private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass, theory, flute, saxophone, or violin please contact us directly to schedule an assessment and to discuss what options may be available. For information on our faculty please click here.

Musical Theatre & Theatre Classes:
sing, dance and act – where it all comes together. Offered as part of our annual curriculum and in our spring and summer camps!

Dance Classes:
a full year-round dance curriculum and special workshops throughout the year!

ShowChoir Classes:
build your singing and dancing skills in the style of Glee! Offered as part of our annual curriculum and in our spring and summer camps!