Here are some of our favourite organizations, people and links!

Metronome – for iphone only (Free): Black – looks similar to a traditional wooden metronome.

Notes! Learn to Read Music – for iphone, ipod, ipad ($2.29) Identify notes on the staff (no ledger lines). Under settings you can select which notes to review.

PianoFlash! – for ipad only ($2.99): Five levels of note identification. See the flash card, play it on the keyboard.

Rainbow Music Notes – for iphone, ipod, ipad ($1.19) Identify notes on a colorful staff and keyboard, gives color hints for notes.

Flash Note Derby – for iphone, ipod, ipad ($3.49) fash cards appear, as you name the notes, you make your horse run fast or slow, depending on how quick you answered. Ability to select notes to review.

Music Reading Essentials – for iphone/ipad ($2.99) Identify notes, rhythms, music symbols and intervals.

Note Squish – for iphone/ipad ($)  Identify notes by squishing them! Settings for clef, range of notes and speed of identification.

Tentuo – for iphone, ipod, ipad ($3.99) Exercises for staff, keyboard and fretboard identification (notes, keys, intervals, chords) as well as ear training. (easy or advanced levels)

Rythm Swing – ($4.59) Great way to practice rhythm – tapping on your screen.

Flamboyant Music Game – (Free) A matching game. Find the same to notes on the staff, does not review names of notes but good review of line or space notes.

Piano Dust Buster 2 – song game – (Free) Fun game to practice ear. Note names appear on staff, need to play the correct rhythm to song. Use your own acoustic piano or keyboard, game uses mic.

Piano Notes Fun – Sight Reading Tutor – ($2.29) Sight reading game, puts notes on staff and you play on the screen piano.

Do Re Mi Ear Training – Solfege – ($7.99) An ear training app, review intervals, etc.

Tempo SloMo – BPM Slow Downer – (Free) For slowing tempos on songs down: Hanon for MB3, or recorded accompaniments.

Kinderhouse Preschool – a preschool with an arts bias. – this blog has been known to make us laugh out loud!