Colleen Lindenbach

M&P Founder: (Group Music, Private Piano & Voice, Theatre Arts, Music Pups)

I have been teaching music to students of all ages for over 30 years now! I have a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Univ. of Regina and spent 20 years teaching band, choir, and general music classes to K – gr. 12  students in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I have also worked as a musical director for theatre productions, a band clinician, a piano accompanist, and a choral director. Six years ago I opened my music studio “Music and Play”, specializing in the Music for Young Children and Music Pups curriculum, in west Calgary and I am happy to watch it grow and expand every year. My philosophy that quality comes first and fun is mandatory, currently brings the joy of music and the performing arts to over 700 students per year.

⇒ Bachelor of Music Education (voice) – University of Regina
⇒ Grade 9 Piano & corequisites – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari
⇒ Music Pups Certified
⇒ MYCC (MYC certified)

Andrew Balboa

(Music: Private Guitar & Private Voice)

Opera singer, composer, band member, and music teacher, Andrew has dedicated more than 13 years to his love for music; mastering voice, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums. As a natural musician with a strong understanding of theory Andrew instills knowledge, confidence, and sincere enjoyment in all of his students. With an education from McGill University’s Faculty of Music, in Montreal, Quebec, first place – class IX, running in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Andrew demonstrates his vast skills in both singing and music theory.

Sunny Chan

(Music: Group Music, Private Piano)

Inspiring children and teaching music has been my passion for more than a decade! I am grateful for the opportunity to bring joy to my students through music and I enjoy watching them grow using their talents. I love being part of a great team of individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic, and enjoy helping others learn and discover their love for music and I look forward to meeting all my new students this year at Music and Play!

Grade 10 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 4 Music History – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 4 Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 4 Counterpoint/Analysis – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 2 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari
⇒ MYC Level 3 – Music for Young Children

Lisa Cheng

(Music: Private Piano)

Piano has always been the center of my life since I was a child. I was born and raised in Taiwan and my early music aspirations and disciplines were established in a culture that emphasized a good work ethic. I moved to Canada in 2001 and have since been greatly inspired by western music tradition through continued private study.

Music is a gift that gives us tremendous power to feel, to express, and to love. I vividly remember how fascinated I was when learning to play my first Chopin Waltz (in C minor) when I was twelve. Its exotic, eerie and mysterious atmosphere just brought me to another world. I also recall how amazed I was when I discovered Mozart was a world-famous composer because it felt like he was just a childhood friend. It is this kind of magical moment that brightens our mind and soul, and it is this kind of inspiration that makes life worth living!

To me, sharing music expertise is no different than sharing joy and I look forward to meeting new music loving students at Music and Play and sharing the joy of music with them!

⇒ MBA – University of Calgary
⇒ ARCT (Piano Performance Candidate) – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ ARCT Counterpoint and Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Advanced Rudiments  – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Music History (Levels One and Two) – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Gold Seal – Calgary Performing Arts Festival, 2016

Yuri Choi

(Music: Private Piano)

I was born into a music loving family and so naturally I was exposed to the world of music at a young age. My mother was also a piano teacher which brought me to learn piano at the age of five. I spent all of my childhood and days as a youth playing piano and also majored piano in University. I have been teaching piano for over twenty years and have enjoyed teaching beginners as well as students who have chosen to major in piano.

In addition, I have experience teaching young children with ADHD and Down Syndrome and have enjoyed watching them grow through the joy of music education. I have served as a piano accompanist in a number of church environments, I have experience being on stage – as being a part of ensembles and piano recitals and I have also founded a music school in Korea and am qualified to teach the Alfred Music system.

I am excited to meet the students at Music & Play and look forward to helping them develop a true passion for music!

Bachelor of Music (Piano) – Hanil University/Korea
⇒ Shindongah Music School (Founder) – Korea
⇒ Alfred Music Certified

Jon Day

(Music: Private Piano)

As an accomplished trumpet player, pianist, and educator for two decades, Jon has been a featured artist in a variety of music festivals around the globe, and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with a variety of world-class musicians. Jon is a respected leader having conducted and composed for a wide variety of ensembles, orchestras, bands, quartets, and vocal groups.

In addition to an impressive performance career, Jon is known for being a skillful instructor and has worked for more than two decades as a private and group instructor on both trumpet and piano. He has served as a music professor at Mount Royal University and Rocky Mountain College teaching instrument technique, performance technique, improvisation, music theory and ear training, arranging, composition, and history and has also worked as a civilian instructor and conductor of marching bands, small ensembles, and jazz ensembles for several Air Cadet Squadrons across Canada.

Jon currently resides in Calgary where he works in the music industry as a freelance performer, recording artist, arranger, orchestrator, composer and educator!

⇒ Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance-Trumpet major, Dean’s Honour Roll, Rosenthal Award) – McGill University (Montreal, QC)
⇒ Popular Music Diploma (Program Award, graduated with Distinction) – Vanier College (St. Laurent, QC)

Nia Devetzis

(Music: Private Percussion)

I completed my Bachelor of Music – with distinction – in percussion performance and education with Rod Squance at the University of Calgary and am an active performer and teacher around Calgary, often running band clinics and private lessons as well as performing in a wide variety of genres. I have performed with a variety of groups, from the Rubbing Stone Ensemble – a contemporary chamber group, to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to playing drum set in the orchestra pit of several musicals. In February 2014, I had the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the Calgary Philharmonic in the final round of the RBC Concerto Competition and have also been a participant of the TorQ Percussion Quartet Music Seminar. I have a love for percussion ensemble music and hope to start a percussion ensemble someday. I am very excited about working in the amazing environment at Music and Play and sharing my joy of percussion music!

⇒ Bachelor of Music – with distinction (percussion performance), University of Calgary

Dr. Richard Emilson

(Music: Private Piano, Group Music)

Music has been a constant companion for me since childhood. As a teen, I thought that passing my Grade 9 piano practical Royal Conservatory exam meant my music education was completed, but it was just the beginning. Along the way I’ve performed as a soloist, in choirs, quartets and worship teams – sometimes as an instrumentalist, sometimes as a vocalist and often as a director. Professionally I’ve been a Christian education professor (tenured, at Ambrose University) and I love the entire experience of learning. Music and Play lets me share my love of music with some of the most exceptional groups ever — children and parents — as they discover music together.

PhD (Education) – Biola University, La Mirada California
 Various Music courses – Providence University & Ambrose University

Rosina Filice

(Music: Private Voice, Private Guitar)

Rosina Filice is a recent graduate of St. Lawrence College’s Music Theatre Performance Program and has a strong background in classical, jazz, and pop voice. She began studying classical voice and acoustic guitar at 9, as well as being involved with her local church and school choirs. She went to high school at Father John Redmond Regional Arts Centre with a major in vocal music, which also consisted of extensive music theory training. There, Rosina studied up to Grade 8 RCM Voice and Grade 3 Harmony, as well as developed a strong musical ear. During high school, Rosina also developed a love for musical theatre; taking jazz and ballet classes and participating in school musicals.

Rosina then went on to study at Sheridan College in their Performing Arts Preparation Program and then onto St. Lawrence College to study Musical Theatre Performance, where she participated in many workshops, musicals, and plays expanding her abilities as a performer. During college, Rosina tutored in music theory and voice, and then went on to teach guitar with the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation. Rosina is very excited to join the team at Music and Play!

Ontario College Certificate (Performing Arts Preparation) – Sheridan College
⇒ Ontario College Advanced Diploma (Music Theatre Performance) – St. Lawrence College
⇒ Grade 8 Voice – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 3 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music

Jeremy Gignoux

(Music: Private Violin)

Music has been part of my life since I started the violin and the piano at age 7. I learned classical violin through the French conservatory system until I was 20, and then discovered other styles. I’ve played in numerous bands, in a variety of styles ranging from rock to Eastern European Gypsy music, including classical, jazz, folk, country and bluegrass. Recently I had the privilege of accompanying composer William Parker in Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ production “New Universe” in 2016. 

I bring my variety of experience directly in my lessons. This experience enables me to help my students succeed at playing in the music styles that they like, but it also allows me to introduce them to new styles. One of my favourite techniques is to teach them fiddle tunes by ear and you would be surprised just how fast they can learn this way!

Bachelor of Music  (composition): Université de Montréal

Stacey Hilscher

(Music: Music Pups, Music Adventures-preschool)

A mother of 2 children, I am constantly reminded that every day passes quickly. As well that almost every moment can be intentionally FUN and a learning opportunity for us as caregivers AND our children. After my decision to switch my full time career from orthodontics dentistry to full-time Mom, I have dedicated myself to my children. We have such a small window to really impact and guide our children to be the best they can be! Music is all around us and after I experienced the Music Pups curriculum with my own children I knew where my passion was!

Completing many years of studying piano and alto saxophone, I’m so excited to share my love of music and many years of learning with parents and their little ones. Musical independence is one of the few gifts we can give our children; and they will appreciate and enjoy their whole lives.  I’m excited to be a part of this journey with you and your own children!

 Grade 8 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 3 History and Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 2 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music

Tammy Lehman

(Music: Private Piano)

Tammy Hemmaway Lehman was born and raised in Medicine Hat. She began studying music at the age of 8 with a focus on classical and theater organ.   In 1983 she began her teaching career at The United Conservatory of Music teaching organ lessons and eventually expanding into electronic and digital piano / keyboards.  She has taught hundreds of students over her career, and many of her new students are children of her past students. Tammy has continued her education in music including, several Jazz Piano workshops, led by Derek Stoll (Mount Royal University-Calgary), many years of Technics Canada workshops and seminars and in 2013 she completed the `MUSIC COGNITION` program through BOSTON`S BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC.

There have been many proud moments in Tammy’s teaching career including a former student, Ronaye Beck (now a chemical engineer in Dubai) being invited to perform at the World Expo in Spain. Tammy has been a UCOM Festival coordinator for 14 years now, fostering the advancement of music for students in piano, guitar, drums and voice in Medicine Hat.

In her spare time, she enjoys running and outdoor activities, enjoys spending time with her family and friends. and is a proud mother of two daughters – now in university.

Grade 9 & Advanced Rudiments – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari

Mackenzie Meding

(Music: Private Guitar)

Mackenzie Meding grew up in small town Trochu, Alberta, where she took an interest in guitar during her teenage years. After high school, Mackenzie decided to take her musicianship to the next level and enrolled in the Red Deer College music diploma program, studying jazz and classical guitar and exploring other genres (rock, blues, funk, country and alternative) for three years. Throughout her schooling, Mackenzie developed an understanding of music theory and ear training, and began teaching outside of her studies. Now as a recent graduate, she looks forward to pursuing her teaching career with a whole new array of styles and techniques and is very excited about passing the joy of music along to her new, bright, young students at Music and Play!

Diploma of music (electric guitar) – Red Deer College

Kelsey Noble

(Group Music: Music Adventures, Music Cats, Music Pups; Private Flute; Administrator; Private Music Coordinator)

Kelsey is an enthusiastic music teacher, flute clinician and performer in Calgary. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of Music in Flute Performance. During her time at the University of Calgary, Kelsey served as the Concert Master for the U of C Wind Ensemble, performed with the University Orchestra, and participated in the School of Creative and Performing Arts’ inaugural interdisciplinary performance. Always looking for professional development opportunities, Kelsey frequently participates in workshops and masterclasses having most recently attended the Pender Island Flute Retreat in July 2017.

Kelsey believes that teaching is the art of empowering a student to discover their ability to learn. The teacher’s role is to spark a student’s curiosity and to help guide the student in their journey. Private lessons can be structured to focus on RCM or CC examinations, band class preparation, festival performances or simply for personal development and enjoyment! Regardless of the focus of the lessons, Kelsey strives to teach technical and musical development in a fun, encouraging and lighthearted environment.

Bachelor of Music (Flute Performance)

Daniel Pelton

(Music: Private Woodwinds)

Daniel has been playing saxophone since he was 9 years old. After winning several awards in high school jazz festivals, Daniel decided to pursue his passion for music into university. Studying performance and composition under some of Canada’s most talented musicians, Daniel’s musical experience is expansive and always growing. As a performer, Daniel is the lead alto in the U of C Jazz Orchestra, plays in a professionally gigging jazz combo, and participates in the Calgary independent music scene as the frontman and composer of local horn-band Long Time No Time. Believing that collaboration between the performing arts is integral to keeping performance alive, Daniel has plenty of experience working with dancers and actors in a professional setting.

As an educator, Daniel strives to remind students of all skill levels that playing music is FUN. Hard work and dedication are required to make progress, but one should never forget how cool it feels to pick up your horn and play a few notes.

 Bachelor of Music (Composition) – University of Calgary (in progress)

Lesley Renton

(Music: Private Piano)

I grew up in rural Manitoba in a very musical family and began piano lessons at the age of seven. I was very fortunate to have excellent teachers. My own teaching career began at age 15, after achieving RCM Grade 8 piano with honors. I taught for five years at that time, including while I was a student at Brandon University School of Music (Brandon MB), where, as a piano major, I studied with Gordon Macpherson, and achieved a grade 10 level of performance.

After two years in the BMUS program, I decided to change my focus and graduated from Brigham Young University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Psychology. Soon after, I came to Calgary and returned to my original passion of teaching private piano and music theory. I now have nearly 35 years of teaching experience.

I believe that music education can be for anyone. I have had the pleasure of working with students of all ages and with a wide range of abilities, and have prepared many for exams, competitions, and recitals. I have also enjoyed working with students whose interests and expectations were more about playing for enjoyment.

Music is truly a lifelong passion and a part of my soul. I have found nurturing that love and appreciation in those I teach to be one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

 Bachelor of Science, Educational Psychology – Brigham Young University (Utah)
 Grade 8 piano – RCM
 Grade 10 Voice – RCM
Grade 4 Theory, first class honours– RCM

Tigran Saakyan

(Music: Private Piano)

I am a passionate musician from an Armenian family and was born in Russia. In Moscow I received my Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. From there I went on to study with Professor Alexander Tselyakov at Brandon University where I received my Masters of Music degree.

As an active performer, I appear on stage not only as a solo performer but also as a chamber musician. As a chamber musician, I have performed with artists including Kerry DuWors, Catherine Wood, Alexander Tselyakov and Tory Okwabi and my piano repertoire ranges from the early period to 21st century music. In addition to performing, I have had the honour of playing recitals and participating in International piano competitions in Russia, Armenia, Italy, France, Canada, South Africa and Mexico.

Along with pursuing my education and enjoying performing, I have also had the pleasure of teaching private piano students since 2009. For me it is very important to teach my students in a versatile manner. I always work to find the individual approach that works best for each student as I help them to focus on their piano technique, their sense of rhythm, musical creativity and the many other aspects of playing the piano. I also consider sight reading to be a valuable part of a musician’s education as it develops a student’s reading and listening skills. I truly enjoy inspiring and encouraging my students to achieve their goals and I look forward to joining the Music and Play team.

⇒ Master of Music (Piano Performance and Literature) – Brandon University (Brandon, MB)
 Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance) – Gnesins Russian Academy of Music (Moscow, Russia)

Chandra Stromberg

(Music: Group Music – Music Pups)

My earliest memory of music is standing on my picnic table in the backyard holding a stick as a microphone! Since that backyard, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many different Musical Theatre and Opera productions and I find that with each adventure my love for the arts grows. I have always loved music and I love helping to instill the enjoyment and love of music into every child I teach. Having taught piano and voice for 8 years, I am happy to be a part of the Music and Play team!

Bachelor of Music (vocal performance) – University of Manitoba
 Grade 9 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
 All Theory Levels (Rudiments, Harmony, History, Counterpoint, Analysis) – RCM
 Voice/ARCT Performers Degree – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari

Ellen Sullivan

(Music: Private Voice)

Musical theatre is my passion and I love sharing this passion with my students. I started singing when I was a child and discovered my love of musical theatre in school and I haven’t looked back since. I attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York with a focus on musical theatre performance and I continue to hone my skills performing around Calgary. I’m delighted to be a part of the Music and Play team and look forward to continuing to help develop and nurture the skills of each student, encouraging them to take risks and most importantly – to have fun!

Certificate (Musical Theatre) – American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Kim Szabo

(Music: Private Piano; Private Voice)

Kim is a seasoned professional musician with a teaching, performance and recording resume that spans over 35 years and the globe. Born and raised in Canada, she started by honing her skills through initial classical training, followed by studies at Grant MacEwan Music Program in Jazz and Popular music. Growing up in Edmonton, Kim’s “after school job” for 10 years was teaching the neighbourhood children piano and voice following the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. During this time, Kim was an active member of Edmonton Musical Theatre, the Alberta College Choir and ProCoro professional classical choir, while also honing her vocal and piano skills within the local Jazz scene.

In early 1989, Kim took her talent overseas to Japan, where she spent the majority of this time in Osaka, performing as a solo artist, establishing a jazz trio, becoming a regular guest artist with various touring pop, jazz and funk groups, and television and recording sessions throughout the Kansia area.

The mid 90’s saw Kim moving her now established career to Europe. Frankfurt, Germany became her base in 2000. By 2003, she was teaching at and eventually led the Jazz Vocal Program at Frankfurt Musikwerkstadt (State Academy for Jazz and Popular Music). She instructed students in vocal Jazz technique and improvisation, preparing them to challenge national exams for a Degree in Jazz Pedagogue. Included in her duties was chair member of the adjudication team for these exams. She also found time to volunteer as educator/instructor for English language through music participation material, within the national education system, specifically with Kindergarten students. During this time in Germany, Kim continued to professionally tour and perform throughout the Rhine-Main area, appearing with her Jazz and Gospel projects. She continued her private vocal studies and analysis of the human voice with Coleman Freeman, professional operatic tenor, in Mannheim, and with Mike Schoenmehl, professional jazz pianist and published author in Frankfurt.

Since returning to Canada, Kim has reintroduced herself to Calgary audiences as a guest pianist for the Fox Big Band, and is currently the vocalist with the Summit Big Band. .

Grade 9 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
Grade 8 Voice – Royal Conservatory of Music
Grade 3 History, Grade 5 Harmony, Grade 5 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Music Composition in Jazz Studies, Grant MacEwan College

Kathleen Warke

(Music: Group Music – Music Pups)

Growing up in Edmonton, I studied piano, double bass, and tuba, but it wasn’t until I started singing that I found my true musical passion! I love to sing, especially in choirs. I am currently a member of Spiritus Chamber Choir and Luminous Voices (Calgary’s only professional choir). Over the past 25 years, I have performed with VoiceScapes, Pro Coro Canada (Edmonton), Ensemble de la Rue, Windsor Classic Chorale (Ontario), New Art Voices (Indiana), and many different university ensembles, most notably the award-winning U of A Madrigal Singers. I’m excited share my love for music with the students at Music and Play.

⇒ Master of Arts (Ethnomusicology) – University of Alberta
⇒ Bachelor of Arts (Music) – Augustana University College

Sarah Wong

(Music: Private Piano)

As a B.A. graduate in Psychology, I recognize the importance of education and how it is enhanced by a musical foundation. My teaching style encourages daily practicing, building good habits and discipline, while still maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere.

Music has always been an important part of my life. I began my piano studies at age 12. Currently, I am working towards my Grade 10 certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. As a Music and Play teacher, I maintain a balance between meeting the students’ needs and gently stressing the importance of musical theory and building appreciation and love for music.

⇒ Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) – University of Alberta
⇒ Grade 9 Piano & corequisites – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Intermediate Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music

Kiyo Yokoyama

(Music: Private Piano)

Kiyo Yokoyama was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. She began piano lessons at age five through the Yamaha Music Program, and continued with private lessons until her high school graduation. Kiyo moved to the US to further her music education at Brigham Young University Hawaii where she chose to study organ music and later received a Bachelor of Music Degree from Utah State University and a Masters Degree in Organ Performance from Arizona State University. She has served as an accompanist for university choirs, local choirs and churches in Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, and Japan and taught at the Phoenix Yamaha Music School in Arizona for seven years.

Kiyo has been involved with musicals as a rehearsal accompanist and a show pianist. Since moving to Calgary in 2006, she has been part of a show with Storybook Theatre, as well as playing at church, for auditions, and has been teaching piano and organ lessons at a local Calgary music studio. Kiyo is very excited to join Music and Play as a piano instructor and is looking forward to sharing her love of music with her students.

⇒ Bachelor of Music (Organ Performance) – Utah State University
⇒ Master of Music (Organ Performance) – Arizona State University
⇒ Yamaha Certified Teacher

Tanya Zamonsky

(Music: Group Music, Private Piano)

Music has been in my life since the age of 7. After successfully completing many Royal Conservatory examinations, I began teaching piano. Wanting to continue my music education, I attended Capilano College and the University of Calgary, to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree – piano being my main instrument with a minor in violin and voice.

I have been a music instructor for over 22 years, teaching countless students from the age of 5 to adult. Sharing the love of music has been a great joy and I take pride in providing students with the tips and tools to help them in their music goals.

After facing some challenges in teaching younger students, I am excited to be teaching The Safari group music program which captivates children with unique beats, and rhythms from around the world. Your child will be moving and groovin’ in no time, while learning with todays progressive technology.

Teaching students in a group setting, allows students to develop a solid foundation, all while having fun! I have come to love this way of teaching and look forward to meeting and sharing this love with all the new families that I will meet! In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors, and have completed five Ironman triathlons.

⇒ Bachelor of Fine Arts (music) – University of Calgary
⇒ Grade 10 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Theory – all co-requisites for Grade 10 (harmony, history, counterpoint and composition) – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari
⇒ Music for Young Children (Level 2)