Do you want to pursue your musical passion further or work towards examinations and competitions? Or maybe just learn music for fun? Excellent, you’ve taken the first step towards your musical growth and we have highly experienced instructors who would love to help you!

If you are interested in private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, saxophone, flute, percussion or theory please contact us to schedule an assessment so we may help create a plan to meet your musical growth. At Music and Play we take great care to ensure we match our students with the right teacher to ensure the greatest success.

Following the assessment we will recommend an appropriate placement for your consideration. Please note that we do not accept students under the age of 6 for private lessons. Specific minimum age guidelines are as follows:

  • Piano: age 6 (group piano based lessons are available for ages 4+)
  • Violin: age 6
  • Guitar: age 8
  • Voice: age 9 (group classes available for ages 5+)
  • Woodwinds: age 9
  • Percussion: age 9

Please click on the links below for more information or to register once an assessment has been completed.