Thank you to everyone for your patience and ability to adapt over the past two months. As a local family-run business, Music and Play is committed to the safety of our students and community, and we continue to adapt our practices to ensure the best music and arts education delivery for all our families in this new reality.
No matter how strange or challenging things may be, this is where the arts shine – and shine they have!  We will always be here for our students and families, our staff, our broader community and for the future of quality arts education!
We know that it isn’t easy right now, but better times are ahead – when you ask? Stay tuned…

Locally owned and owner-managed, Music and Play offers classes for all ages – in all areas of the performing arts including: Group and Private Music Lessons and Musical Theatre classes for all ages.  We also have great rehearsal and performance spaces available to help foster creativity in our community.

At Music and Play our students go beyond the notes, the words and the steps and into the world of creativity and the arts!

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  • We have been coming to Music and Play for almost eight years now. Our kids love the group class format. There is movement and rhythm and singing as well as piano. The class is perfectly designed for growing bodies and minds. Our oldest has transitioned into private lessons now and its so wonderful to see her musicality grow in her own style. Her understanding of music and how its structured blows my mind. We’ve seen the added benefits of our kids excelling at school in math. Above all things their time at Music and Play has nurtured their love of music. We drive halfway across the city to come to the studio. There is just no place like it!


  • We have been with Music and Play since Calen was 2-years old, back when Colleen was teaching out of her home. Now, Calen is a happy 11-year old who likes to spontaneously sing at home or at school,or play a tune for his friends whenever an instrument becomes available. I’ve no doubt that what he has learned in his time at Music & Play has helped him academically as well as boosted his confidence when called on to present something or speak to his peers. While Music & Play has long left behind their home-based music business for their lovely commercial studio, one thing that has never left is the feeling of coming home to warmth and family whenever we go there.


  • We have been involved in Suzuki, Kodaly and Music for Babies at another school and none of these programs even come close to what the girls have learned to this point. I am absolutely amazed at what you continue to pull out of them, the correct music terminology they use and the determination they show in wanting to understand/learn and demonstrate. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives and are ever grateful for your time, energy and patience with our children and their parents 🙂


  • It is so wonderful to have music as a part of one’s life, and many kids are forced through it grudgingly.  You truly make the classes entertaining, and you display so much patience. Thanks!


  • I just wanted to thank you for spending the extra time with our son to help him get settled into his new class. You are a fantastic teacher and I am so happy with the Music Pups program. It is definitely the highlight of our week!


  • Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your staff. Recitals are obviously a lot of extra work for you but I think it is a wonderful thing for kids to get the chance to do some performing and develop confidence and poise. You run a good program and a tight ship.


  • I just wanted to share a cute story. The music classes have been amazing.  I now catch Tyler playing his instruments at home, saying standing, running, etc. and doing the appropriate speed. So cute!!!


  • It has been truly wonderful to introduce music to my children through you, the program has been fantastic – fun and exciting both for children and adults. You are a excellent teacher, your love for music shows through in your teaching and your patience with the kids and adults is very much appreciated! Thank you.


  • …you are a very talented and gifted teacher….


  • Thank you for your wonderful teaching and patience – you make learning music such fun, for both children and adults!