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Today we take a quick look at the 9 different programs that make up our ‘I’M IN THE BAND’ programming stream. As we bring a renewed focus to students playing together and getting to regularly perform, these programs are not only critical musical building blocks, but also really fun…and yes, fun and education can go hand-in-hand!
CALGARY COMMUNITY BAND I & II programs (for ages 10-18) are the next step for our ‘Band Together’ students and a perfect starting point for students looking to get a jump on their instrumental band experience – or supplement their private lessons work with a group music experience. Students can expect to be challenged with a variety of music as they enjoy performing songs together every week AND at a number of concerts during the year.
YYC CONCERT BAND is the final step in our instrumental band experience journey for participants aged 14-99! Musicians in the program students can expect to play a fun and challenging variety of music as they perform songs together every week AND at a number of concerts during the year.
JAZZ JAM is a group combo experience (for ages 12-18) focusing on blues to modern standards. Led by Esteban Herrera, this unique class will provide students with the skills they need to play in an ensemble – including Jazz theory, history, and improvising – as they have a blast playing and performing together.
ROCK SHOP – This program (for ages 10-18) gives students the skills they need to play together in a rock band and better yet, it lets them do it! Rock history, theory, and feel will be explored through a student-driven repertoire from the golden age of classic rock to the rock of today as students have a blast playing and performing together.
PIANO BAND: Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a Piano Band? That’s right – piano for eight hands! Maybe you’d like to supplement your private lessons – to learn to better collaborate as a musician – or maybe you’re just looking for something different or need a break from the norm. Various musical styles – along with a bit of history and theory – will be explored in this unique opportunity for students (aged 12-18).
CHAMBER ENSEMBLES: So, you’ve spent a number of years honing your craft as a musician and would love to play together with other musicians who share your passion. Our Chamber Ensembles are just what you’ve been looking for. Ensembles are customized to meet the needs and composition of the participants (aged 15+) who will love this unique opportunity to play and perform together.
BAND CAMP: “One time, at band camp…” M&P Band Camp combines the best of our instrumental band programs and our summer camp program into a week of music fun and learning for students aged 6-18. Band Camp will debut in the summer of 2022! We hope to see you there!
– and finally, THE STAGE IS YOURS: We know it’s hard to get up onstage and perform, and most music or training programs don’t really prepare people for the ‘performing’ part. What does then? There is really no better teacher than experience – doing it again and again. But most opportunities are tied to high-pressure events: competitions or the typical ‘twice a year recitals’ – but we’re changing all that. Starting this fall, in addition to M&P students being able to access our new ArtsLab Studio space to perform all year round, M&P is also excited to host regular community focused ‘The Stage is Yours’ evenings. This safe and nurturing environment allows people – of any age, the opportunity to get up and perform – and there is no charge! Think open mic nights but for any instrument, or type of performance!
This year you can be ‘in the band’ – as get back to helping our students learn and perform music TOGETHER. For more information on all our ‘I’m In The Band’ programs please click here. This year at M&P, we’re Better Together!

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