Music Groups – A Closer Look

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Today we take a quick look at the 10 different programs that make up our ‘MUSIC GROUPS’ programming stream. These programs include:
  • Band Together I & II helps students (aged 6-10) grow as musicians as they get to be part of a wind instrument band (using Nuvo instruments and the Nuvo WindStars program). Who says band starts in grade 7… not us!
  • Keyboard Adventures: The Safari: this leading (keyboard-based) foundational group music program – for ages 4.5 to 11 – provides students with the elementary and vital building blocks of music to become accomplished musicians.
  • Our Group Ukulele I & II, Group Guitar I & II, Group Violin/Strings I & II programs (for ages 9-15) feature two levels of classes (by age) allowing students to grow not only musically but socially as they work together to build their instrument skills and musicianship in a small group setting.
  • Music Theory helps students (9 -99) learn to read and write the language of music! Whether you’re taking an exam or would just love to learn more about the building blocks of music, these classes provide the bang you’re looking for.
  • Musical Theatre classes (for ages 7-17) enable our students to take centre stage in storytelling and song. Students sing, dance and act their way through the world of musical theatre as they build their skills and work together to tell stories in true triple-threat fashion.
  • Generations Cultural Choir is M&P’s first choral program. This vocal group is for ages 7 to 99 and allows participants to stretch their voices through Slavic focused music.
  • Sound Bridges builds upon our Senior’s Home Performance Series, Sound Bridges brings together M&P students with seniors to improvise and make music together. This FREE cross-generational program is a great way for students to be involved in their local community, for everyone involved to share their passion for music and for students to learn from the wisdom of their elders.
As with all of our programs starting this year- there are MORE performance opportunities for all our students because…well, music is a PERFORMING art! For more information on all our ‘Music Groups’ programs please click here. This year at M&P we’re Better Together!

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