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As a company that has led the way over the past decade in offering group music programming, this fall Music & Play is renewing our focus on group music education and introducing over 20 new group music programs. With over 9,000 sf of space (including a performance studio), we are excited to welcome even more groups, and regular performances by all our students, under one roof as we once again redefine the future of music education – for all ages.

So, what about that ‘free’ thing?  Well, it has been a challenging couple years for most of us.  Of course, we want people to sign up for our programs, and we’ve made them pretty affordable too – with most of our group programs available from only $10-20/week – BUT, for the first 4 weeks this fall, we’re having a Fall Music-Free-4-All to introduce these great programs to Calgary and to give our teachers a bit more work as they look to get their lives back to normal as well.  This means that we will be offering over 100 possible classes for students of all ages to try during a 4-week period – Yes, FOR FREE!  To find out more, click here to find out more, and sign up for a free class, or try a few to find the best fit!

During the past 10 years, our programs have been often imitated – something we take as a great compliment, as it is a privilege to teach and lead in the arts!  This year we’re leading the way again for our community, for arts educators and for our students and the future of music education. We couldn’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to. This year, WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER!


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