It’s Time to Band Together – Introducing NUVO!

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IT’S TIME TO BAND TOGETHER! After months of planning and critically examining the way that music education is being taught, we are excited to introduce a number of new beginner instrumental ‘band’ programs this year including Tütz & Düdz, My First Instrument and Band Together! Using Nuvo instruments, we are able to involve students in music education on wind instruments as young as 4 and they can be playing as Nuvo Instrument Band Member as early as age 6…YES REALLY! And these classes are only $15-18/week (instrument rental or purchase cost included!)
So, what is Nuvo? Well, Nuvo was founded over a decade ago now, when Graham Lyons went to visit Max Clissold in Hong Kong to discuss the redesign of the Lyons C Clarinet. They quickly discovered a shared passion for helping people of all ages and walks of life to experience the joy of playing a musical instrument – something we could not agree with more at M&P! Since starting Nuvo, they have developed and introduced 6 new instruments and we are excited to be able to help introduce Calgary families to this great way of learning. For more info, your Nuvo journey starts here,

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