sing – imagine – play  compose – act – create – dance – build – perform – dream – grow

Locally owned and owner-managed, Music and Play (M&P) offers classes for all ages – and in all areas of the performing arts including: Group and Private Music Lessons and Musical Theatre and Theatre.

With a pandemic-inspired move in the Summer of 2020, the School now occupies over 9,000 square feet in our west Calgary studios located at the junction of Sarcee and Hwy 16. With 17 studio spaces and our own ArtsLab Studio Theatre space for performing, every day at M&P is filled with the joy of arts education for students from 6 months to 99 years of age.

At M&P it’s not simply about getting numbers through the door – the company has been built on a strong foundation of excellence and education first. This foundation is supported by company owners and a faculty who themselves have extensive backgrounds in education and the performing arts. Our stringent strandards actually pose one of the greatest challenges for the Company, as not every teacher is right for M&P – as much as we might need them to meet our ever growing student requests.

As artists ourselves, we know the joys and struggles in pursuing your dreams – and this is why we make sure that our students (as people – not as billable class hours) come first. This means providing a nurturing, high quality learning environment where they may all achieve.

At M&P we want our students to go beyond the notes, the words and the steps and into the world of creativity and the arts! We want to ensure that whenever our students decide to discontinue their arts education, that they take with them a foundation of knowledge that will continue to serve them for their lifetime.

It can be pretty exhausting running studios like this, but it’s all worth it when we see the growth and joy our students get from being a part of something they love! Thank you for all your support over these past nine years – we look forward to the future as we continue to grow together and change the way performing arts education is taught in Calgary.