We have a great, dedicated faculty at M&P.
From long-time educators to practicing professional artists, our staff are chosen
not only for their qualifications and expertise – but also for their dedication
to the arts and to the growth of our students!

Colleen Lindenbach

M&P Founder: (Group Music, Private Piano & Voice, Theatre Arts, Music Pups®)

I have been teaching music to students of all ages for over 30 years now! I have a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Univ. of Regina and spent 20 years teaching band, choir, and general music classes to K – gr. 12  students in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I have also worked as a musical director for theatre productions, a band clinician, a piano accompanist, and a choral director. In 2011 I opened my music studio “Music and Play”, specializing in group music classes, in west Calgary and I am happy to watch it grow each year. My philosophy that quality comes first and fun is mandatory, currently brings the joy of music and the performing arts to over 700 students per year.

⇒ Bachelor of Music Education – University of Regina
⇒ Grade 9 Piano & corequisites – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari
⇒ Music Pups Certified
⇒ MYCC (MYC certified)

Ovid Alexis

(Music: Private Piano – Contemporary; Steel Pan)

As an educator, producer, arranger and composer, Mr. Alexis has played piano since the age of three. He started his formal training at age 7 and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he received a B.A. in Music as well as the Berklee College of Music Performance Award. In addition to his work with countless students over the years, Mr. Alexis has taught Improvisation and Arranging at the University of the West Indies (Trinidad Campus) and was invited to deliver a Teachers program to the faculty at the St. Lucia School of Music.

Throughout his career, Mr. Alexis has worked and performed in over 30 countries, has recorded four albums and has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the world’s leading musicians including: Dizzy Gillespie, Hugh Masekela, Donald Byrd, Dave Valentino, Ellis Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Tania Maria, Arturo Sandoval, Thelonious Monk Jr. and many more.

In addition to piano (his main instrument), Mr. Alexis also plays Saxophone and Steel Pan. Mr. Alexis’s worldly approach to music embraces the genres of Jazz, Latin, Calypso. Reggae, Funk, Hip and Pop and he seeks to instill this same worldly love of music in all of his students.

⇒ Bachelor of Arts (Music) – Berklee College of Music, Boston

Heze An (Tony)

(Music: Private Piano)

As an experienced professional teacher & performer, I have many years of classical training on piano, as well as theory. I began my piano education as a young child and passed the Grade 10 exam of the China Conservatory of Music in junior high school and in 2012, I received a bachelor’s degree in music education from Minzhu University of China. I have continued to enrich my music and teaching skills since moving to Canada and have completed my grade 10 piano exam and RCM piano teacher certification.

I love everything about music and enjoy empowering others to learn. I began teaching while I was in university have enjoyed teaching students of all ages during my career.  My teaching philosophy is to treat each student as an individual and to develop a personalized teaching approach for each student in order to help them develop their full potential and cultivate a lifelong love of music and the arts.

Click here to see Heze at the piano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsf03-aG1gU.

⇒Bachelor of Music in Music Education – Minzhu University of China
⇒ Grade 10 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Piano Teacher Certification – Royal Conservatory of Music

Andrew Balboa

(Music: Private Guitar, Private Voice, Private Piano ON-LINE ONLY for fall 2021)

As a lyric tenor, composer, band member, and music teacher, Mr. Andrew Balboa has dedicated more than 18 years to his love for music; mastering voice, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums. Mr. Andrew’s education includes the National School of Music in Mexico City, McGill Conservatory of Music in Montreal, Quebec, and Mount Royal University Conservatory in Calgary, AB.

Mr. Andrew has released four albums as of 2021. Two albums with his progressive metal band Heyoka’s Mirror and two solo albums under his name. His band has released three music videos under the direction of Seth Williams and his first video “Asylum” was nominated as Best Music Video for 2020 by the YYC Music Awards.  In 2019, Andrew won first place at the Calgary Performing Arts Festival in the vocal category and first place at the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) competition in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

As a natural musician, with a strong understanding of theory, he instills knowledge, confidence, and the sincere enjoyment of music in all his students.

Click here to see Andrew in vocal performance (classical) and here for guitar/vocal/keyboard (original composition)

Grade 8 Voice – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 8 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music

Sunny Chan

(Music: Private Piano)

Inspiring children and teaching music has been my passion for more than a decade! I am grateful for the opportunity to bring joy to my students through music and I enjoy watching them grow using their talents. I love being part of a great team of individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic, and enjoy helping others learn and discover their love for music and I look forward to meeting all my new students this year at Music and Play!

Click here to hear Sunny discuss why he teaches music!

Grade 10 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 4 Music History – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 4 Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 4 Counterpoint/Analysis – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 2 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Certified Instructor – Keyboard Adventures: The Safari
⇒ MYC Level 3 – Music for Young Children

Sinclair Chiem

(Music: Private Piano)

Sinclair was raised in a music-oriented family. His father played classical guitar and his two sisters learned the piano. Growing up, Sinclair participated in many performances and festivals including the APTA and Kiwanis Festivals. Sinclair started his Royal Conservatory of music journey at the age of only five and he has now completed his ARCT of Piano Performance.

As an educator, Sinclair has been teaching piano for over seven years and seeks to inspire students of all ages, and all skill levels, to learn to love music and the piano as much as he does. Sinclair believes that one of the greatest joys of teaching is seeing students grow their abilities and talents. He also believes that every student is unique and works to tailor his lessons and methods to best fit each student’s individual learning style.

Sinclair is excited to join Music and Play as a private piano instructor. He is passionate about teaching and looks forward to meeting all his new students.

⇒ The Associate Diploma of The Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT) – Piano Performance
⇒ ARCT History & Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Bachelor of Arts (Sociology, minor Psychology), University of Calgary

Yuri Choi

(Music: Private Piano)

I was born into a music loving family and so naturally I was exposed to the world of music at a young age. My mother was also a piano teacher which brought me to learn piano at the age of five. I spent all of my childhood and days as a youth playing piano and also majored piano in University. I have been teaching piano for over twenty years and have enjoyed teaching beginners as well as students who have chosen to major in piano.

In addition, I have experience teaching young children with Down Syndrome and have enjoyed watching them grow through the joy of music education. I have served as a piano accompanist in a number of church environments, I have experience being on stage – as being a part of ensembles and piano recitals and I have also founded a music school in Korea and am qualified to teach the Alfred Music system.

I am excited to work with the students at Music & Play and help them develop a true passion for music!

Click here to see Ms Yuri performing.

Bachelor of Music (Piano) – Hanil University/Korea
⇒ Shindongah Music School (Founder) – Korea
⇒ Alfred Music Certified

Julianne de Siqueira

(Music: Private Piano)

Julianne has been interested in piano since a very early age with her influence in music coming from her grandparents – who were excellent musicians and played the saxophone, acoustic guitar and accordion. Julianne holds a Bachelor of Music and Diploma in Education and has been engaged in music and cultural activities at the University performing as a piano/keyboard player and lead singer in Brazilian Popular Folk Music bands in Recife, Brazil.

Over the past 10 years, as a piano and keyboard player Julianne has recorded albums and performed at many festivals in Florida, USA. While in the US, Julianne also volunteered in churches as a pianist, director and conductor of adult choirs and taught private piano. Through her work as a teacher, she helped her students take pride in their learning and develop positive self-esteem through showcasing their talents at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Boca Raton.

Julianne returned to Brazil in 2012 where she was invited to work in a bilingual Canadian elementary school teaching music to children from preschool to grade 3. After several wonderful years in Brazil she decided to move to Calgary to begin her Master of Music (Music Education) studies at the University of Calgary.

Julianne is very excited to join the Music and Play faculty team as a private piano teacher this year and eager to develop children’s talents and stimulate their desire to learn music in a creative and fun way.

⇒ Master of Music (Music Education) University of Calgary (in progress)
⇒ Post-Baccalaureate Diploma (Education) – University of Winnipeg
⇒ Bachelor in Music – Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)

Dr. Richard Emilson

(Music: Private Piano)

Dr. Richard Emilson is a teaching specialist. He generates positive learning experiences for his students using both modern and traditional methods. Parents seek Richard out to help their children deal with: unique learning styles (including ADD/ADHD), discouragement, perfectionism, or snags in playing technique. He helps students develop productive practice habits that are consistent, efficient, purposeful, and unimpaired.

Dr. Richard has been teaching at Music and Play for six years and accepts learners in the early levels of graded piano programs as well as beginners.

PhD (Education), ThM, MA, BA
⇒ Music classes (Providence University, Ambrose University, and Music and Play)
⇒ Professional development seminars (Royal Conservatory, Conservatory Canada)
⇒ Group music class training and experience (MYC, all levels)

Esteban Herrera

(Music: Private Piano-Contemporary; Jazz Ensembles/Workshops)

Esteban Herrera is a pianist, composer, arranger, producer and music director originally from Mexico, now living in Canada. Born in Mexico City in 1979, he began his music formation when he was 11 years old and his studies have included, a Technical Career’s degree in Piano at the Music Conservatory of the State of Mexico, a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and a Bachelor’s degree in jazz music performance at the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.

Over the past 25 years, Esteban has worked professionally as a full-time musician and has performed, recorded and toured with numerous artists in important venues all around Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Latin America. His music is an original approach to contemporary world jazz with Latin heritage, exploring odd meters and complex rhythms, and letting improvisation lead each live session and recording. As a recording artist, Esteban is involved in all aspects; he writes the music and lyrics, arranges, play the piano, produces, direct and designs the covers of his albums. He has released 7 albums as a leader to date and is currently producing his 8th album, which will be released in August 2021.

Click here to visit Esteban’s YouTube site.

⇒ Technical Career’s degree in piano – Conservatory of State of Mexico
⇒ Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science – ITESM
⇒ Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Music Performance – INBA

Amilia Hildahl

(Music: Private Violin)

As part of my musical upbringing, I have also had the privilege to teach the violin to students of all ages and backgrounds.  During this time, I have learned the value of ensuring that each student is provided for individually and to ensure that the classroom remains a fun and interactive place. As a violin student, soloist, and ensemble performer, my training is primarily classical, having worked through the Royal Conservatory of Music program at the Mount Royal Conservatory in Calgary.

While studying, I was also given the unique opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City as a soloist, as part of the International Protégé competition. Likewise, I have performed as a soloist with the Calgary Performing Arts Festival (previously the Kiwanis Festival), as well as in senior homes around Calgary. While studying under the tutelage of the Conservatory, I also had the privilege to work with ensemble performers, having played with the nationally acclaimed Calgary Youth Orchestra. With this program, I had the privilege of travelling across Eastern Europe and performing in different cities in Austria, Hungary, and Poland.

Ultimately, I believe that music is an expression of the soul, and provides relief, catharsis, artistic inspiration. As such, my teaching philosophy includes maintaining a flexible attitude towards students and their unique learning styles and preferences. It is very important to me that my students are interested in the instrument, so my number one priority is to ensure that the classroom remains a place of discovery and fun. My one and only goal is for each student to walk away with a new (or continued) love of music, the violin, and the artistic world as a whole.

Click here and here to see Amilia in performance.

Grade 10 Violin—Royal Conservatory of Music
Rudiments and Basic Harmony in Theory—Royal Conservatory of Music
Ensemble Performance—Mount Royal Conservatory

Stacey Hilscher

(Group Music: Music Pups®)

With a passion for music and a knowledge of experiential learning and that almost every moment can be intentionally FUN – I have been honoured to teach through Music and Play the last three years. A mother of 2 children, I am constantly reminded that every day passes quickly. We have such a small window to really impact our children and guide them to be the best they can be!

I first experienced the Music Pups® curriculum with my own children and was astonished by the intentionality of its program. Not only were my children having FUN they were stretched in areas of early childhood learning. These including social development, rhythm and tonal accuracy, physical literacy and structured learning. The Music Pups program is a perfect merriment of music and play! After a decision to switch my full-time career within dentistry to full-time Mom, I knew that I had an opportunity once again to build on my love of music and share this passion and knowledge with others.

Completing many years of studying piano and alto Saxophone, I’m always excited to share my years of learning with my young students AND their caregivers! Musical independence is one of the few gifts we can give our children; and they will appreciate and enjoy their whole lives. I’m excited to be a part of this journey with you and your children!

 Grade 8 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 3 History and Harmony – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 2 Theory – Royal Conservatory of Music

Sarah Irwin

(Music: Private Voice) not available for fall 2021

I am thrilled to be back at Music and Play teaching private voice! Currently, I am back being a student myself, finishing up my B.A. in Music at Ambrose University, however, I graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria in 2009 and have been singing since the age of 10. For the last eight years, I have been pursuing a career in performing and have had the pleasure of being on stages across the country. My favorite roles include ‘Belle’ in Beauty and the Beast, ‘Audrey’ in Little Shop of Horrors, and ‘Cathy’ in The Last 5 Years. As an experienced singer and performer I sing all styles, (pop/rock-classical) but musical theatre is my specialty.

I believe music education should be above all fun, yet also challenging. My desire is to help my students grow in their love for music, as well as build their confidence for their everyday lives. I also believe that singing should not just be executed with good technique (although that is important!) but that it needs to express what is in your heart and soul; because you have something to say. My goal is to encourage my students to find their own unique voices and to discover the stories they want to tell.

Click here to see Sarah in performance.

Diploma (Performing Arts, 3-year) – Canadian College of Performing Arts
⇒ Bachelor of Arts (Music; minor English Literature) – Ambrose University (in progress)

John Jantzen

(Music: Private Drums – Set) not available for fall 2021

John is currently at Ambrose University studying jazz drumming and completing his Bachelor of Music degree. Beginning lessons at age 10, he has spent the past 12 years heavily involved in music as he has continued to advance his skills, play gigs, and develop a deep love and admiration for music. John primarily performs as a jazz musician but also professionally works in a wide variety of styles, from rock/pop to orchestral music. He has performed with the Ambrose Chamber Orchestra, University Singers, Jazz Big Band and combos, as well as various bands/jazz combos around Calgary.

He loves working with youth and has experience teaching a wide range of students in private lessons, summer camps and as a clinician.  He believes that music education should not just make better drummers, but passionate and well-rounded musicians and looks forward to passing on what he has learned to inspire his students to grow.

Bachelor of Music: Jazz Focus – Ambrose University (in progress)

Oksana Krasnozhen

(Music: Private Piano, Private Voice)

Music has been part of my life ever since I began my musical journey at the age of 6. I began studying classical violin at 8 years of age and discovered my true inspiration by singing in choirs before starting my teaching career at age 17.

I received my Master of Musical Art from the P. Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine and, for the past 19 years, I have experienced great success as a piano, voice, musical theory and history instructor.  I have also enjoyed conducting both professional and children’s choirs for the past 21 years. In addition to my teaching and conducting experience, I have always been a performer and have sung on stages in many different countries. I love sharing this valuable performing experience with my students and I am so very proud of my students’ achievements. Many of my vocal and piano students have won International competitions and choirs and ensembles under my direction have participated in numerous festivals, competitions and concerts.

Throughout my career, I have sought out new ideas and new approaches in teaching and, though I have a classical background, I embrace a variety of styles of music. As the Head of the Music and Drama department (British International School, Ukraine) for five years, I was honoured to provide high quality music and dramatic arts education to International students from around the world. I have also had the opportunity to work with special needs students and students on the autism spectrum and have served as a tutor for students in English, Russian and Ukrainian. As a music educator, I seek to inspire my students and share with them my personal love and passion of music. I approach every student as an individual and I work to find the method that best connects with each one. I believe that the Musical Arts are a bottomless, wonderful, colorful world which should be open to everyone.

Everyone possesses the gift of music and it is up to us as music teachers to help each student discover their musical talent and to expose them to the joy that music has to offer.

Master of Musical Art – P. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine
⇒ Diploma in Choir Conducting – Lysenko Music School, Ukraine

Cristina Lanz


Having just returned from finishing her Master of Music in San Francisco, Cristina is thrilled to be back in her hometown of Calgary and to join the Music & Play team. As a diverse performer, Cristina’s performance repertoire includes a wide range of styles spanning from baroque opera to new music and everything in between, as well as art song and musical theatre. Most recently, she played Prince Orlovsky (Die Fledermaus), Matilda (Ottone), Baker’s Wife (Into the Woods), and Nova (Firebird Motel) at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Hansel in the Three Sisters Young Artists’ inaugural production of Hansel and Gretel in Calgary.

With over eight years of music and drama teaching experience, Cristina has taught private lessons and group classes to students of all ages, and with companies throughout Calgary and Okotoks. Cristina believes in finding the unique voice of each of her students and works to provide them with the tools needed to perform confidently, to become well-rounded and proficient artists through the combination of technique and artistry taught in fun and creative ways, and to bring the skills they gain through arts education into their daily lives!

Master of Music in Voice Performance (San Francisco Conservatory of Music)
⇒ Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance (University of Toronto)
⇒ Diploma in Theatre Performance (Mount Royal University)

Click here to see one of Cristina’s performances from her Master’s recital.

Daniel Laufer Pelton

(Music: Private Saxophone & Woodwinds)

Daniel has been playing saxophone since he was nine years old. After winning several awards in high school jazz festivals, Daniel decided to pursue his passion for music into university, graduating from the University of Calgary with a B.Mus in 2018.

Having studied performance and composition under some of Canada’s most talented musicians, Daniel’s musical experience is expansive and always growing. As a performer Daniel has worked with classical, jazz, and modern music ensembles. Daniel leads local horn band Long Time No Time and has played stages and festivals across Western Canada with the group. His compositions have been featured in many Canadian media publications, including CBC Radio.

Daniel has many years of teaching experience, both as a private instructor and band teacher. Most recently Daniel led the University of Calgary Jazz Orchestra in rehearsal and performance of his original music, culminating in a live album recording at The National Music Centre/Studio Bell.

As an educator, Daniel strives to remind students of all skill levels that playing music is FUN. Hard work and dedication are required to make progress, but one should never forget how cool it feels to pick up your horn and play a few notes.

Bachelor of Music – University of Calgary

David Lavoie

(Music: Private Guitar & Ukulele, Private Trumpet)

David is a trumpet player, guitarist, composer and educator in Calgary. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz from Capilano University. He began studying trumpet in his teens which led him to major in trumpet studies in university. He has also studied guitar for 11 years from age 12 and it has remained his secondary instrument throughout his degree with classical, rock and jazz guitar styles continuing to be a focus in his musical career.

Since completing his degree, David has gone on to record a full-length original jazz quartet album (on Trumpet) with Juno award winning pianist Brad Turner. On trumpet he also regularly performed in Vancouver with various small jazz groups. David has also recorded an EP (on guitar and vocals) with his original rock group ‘Wild Friar’, has performed regularly throughout the lower mainland and has played professionally on many studio recording projects for film and other projects over the past seven years in Vancouver.  Aside from his playing, David has composed original works for Capilano A Band and had original works recorded and played by the Hard Rubber Orchestra and Vancouver Young Composers Ensemble.

As an educator, David has taught guitar and trumpet at studios throughout the lower-mainland in BC and enjoys sharing his passion for music with students of all ages, abilities and levels. He believes that students all learn differently and, that in addition to helping students through the various elements of advancing their musicality, a teacher is also there to help students learn how to effectively practice (so that they may achieve these goals when they are away from the studio). David’s lessons are tailor-made to each student to ensure they may advance in the areas they are focused on while at the same time diversifying their skills.

Bachelor of Music – with distinction (jazz studies – trumpet), Capilano University, North Vancouver

Click here to listen to an excerpt of David (on trumpet) with his quartet.

Kelsey Noble

(Group Music: Music Adventures, Music Cats®, Music Pups®, WunderKeys; Private Flute; Administrator)

Kelsey is a passionate and enthusiastic Calgary-based flutist and educator. She holds both a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance (2016) and a Bachelor of Education (2020) from the University of Calgary. Kelsey has taught a variety of music classes including private flute lessons, flute clinics, early childhood music classes, musical theatre, and music theory. In addition to being a music educator Kelsey is also an active performer in the Calgary area. She is a core member of Calgary’s Timepoint Ensemble which specializes in performing works by living composers and is also a flute section member of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra.

Kelsey believes that teaching is the art of empowering a student to discover their ability to learn, and music is one of the best places for this discovery to take place. “Music allows us to develop our creativity, self-expression, critical thinking, a strong work ethic, and strengthen our connection to the world and people around us. On top of that, it’s a lot of fun!” Her private flute lessons focus on developing strong foundational technique that allow students the freedom to achieve their musical goals which can include anything from personal development on the instrument, to band class preparation, exams, and festival performances. Kelsey looks forward to supporting you in all of your musical aspirations.

Click here to see Kelsey in performance.

⇒ Bachelor of Education – University of Calgary
 Bachelor of Music (Flute Performance) – University of Calgary

Taryn Parent


Taryn has spent the last four years in accounting and administration and brings a strong focus on operational excellence to the M&P team. On the other side of life, Taryn has a passion for working with people and volunteers with several children’s and teen groups on a regular basis.  She looks forward to getting to know and working with everyone at M&P.

Zac Parkinson

(Music: Private Piano; Songwriting) not available for fall 2021

I grew up learning music through taking lessons and playing in church and during this time I grew extremely passionate about music, especially piano. This passion motivated me to begin teaching music while I was still in high school and during this time I also became interested in composition and song writing. My interest in song writing propelled me to seek the opportunity for further education in this area – an opportunity that I found at Prairie College, where I studied song writing under the tutelage of Brian Doerksen. My music studies have not only furthered my song writing ability but have also helped me to develop into a more well-rounded musician. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with my students this year!

⇒ Diploma (Music/Youth Ministry) – Prairie College (AB)

Renee Pi

(Music: Private Piano, Private Violin)

Renee began playing the piano at a young age and soon developed a passion for performing. At 15, she completed her ARCT in Piano Performance and started learning the violin, finishing her Grade 9 Violin exam with honours in just 3 years. She is currently pursuing both a BA in Psychology and BMus in piano at the University of Calgary.

In her spare time, Renee enjoys volunteering in her community, including performing for residents at retirement homes and other care facilities.

Above all, she believes music should be fun and accessible to all, and is excited to work with the students at M&P!

⇒ Bachelor of Music, Piano (in-progress) – University of Calgary
⇒ ARCT Piano Performance – Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Grade 9 Violin – Royal Conservatory of Music

Tigran Saakyan

(Music: Private Piano) not available for fall 2021

I am a passionate musician from an Armenian family and was born in Russia. In Moscow I received my Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. From there I went on to study with Professor Alexander Tselyakov at Brandon University where I received my Masters of Music degree.

As an active performer, I appear on stage not only as a solo performer but also as a chamber musician. As a chamber musician, I have performed with artists including Kerry DuWors, Catherine Wood, Alexander Tselyakov and Tory Okwabi and my piano repertoire ranges from the early period to 21st century music. In addition to performing, I have had the honour of playing recitals and participating in International piano competitions in Russia, Armenia, Italy, France, Canada, South Africa and Mexico.

Along with pursuing my education and enjoying performing, I have also had the pleasure of teaching private piano students since 2009. For me it is very important to teach my students in a versatile manner. I always work to find the individual approach that works best for each student as I help them to focus on their piano technique, their sense of rhythm, musical creativity and the many other aspects of playing the piano. I also consider sight reading to be a valuable part of a musician’s education as it develops a student’s reading and listening skills. I truly enjoy inspiring and encouraging my students to achieve their goals and I look forward to joining the Music and Play team.

Click here, here, or here to see Tigran in performance.

⇒ Master of Music (Piano Performance and Literature) – Brandon University (Brandon, MB)
 Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance) – Gnesins Russian Academy of Music (Moscow, Russia)

David Schaeffer

(Music: Private Drums/Percussion-Contemporary/Latin/Jazz/Funk/Grove/Rock/Alternative; Private Bass Guitar; Private Guitar)

Mr. Schaeffer started out his music career with completing his 3rd grade Royal Conservatory Piano at a young age, but soon learned that he had a passion for percussion.  He then began lessons with a professional percussionist for a period of 3 years.

Mr. Schaeffer brings with him over 9 years of teaching experience for various Music Studios and has taught students from 4 to 82 years of age, as well as teaching disabled children.  As a student of Mr. Schaeffer’s, you will learn the necessities to becoming a great drummer as well as Rudiments/Reading sheet music and Theory.

As well as percussion, David also enjoys teaching Bass Guitar and Guitar.

Angela Smart

(Music: Private Violin, Private Piano; Group Music: String Ensembles)

Angela Smart is a Calgary-based violinist and pianist who has been an active part in the music community for the past decade. Having earned both her Master of Music (MMus) and Bachelor of Music (BMus) specializing in performance from the University of Calgary, Angela has a diverse skillset of both teaching and performing experience on multiple instruments.

During her studies at the University of Calgary, Angela served as concertmaster for the University Orchestra, as well as the second violin in the U of C faculty String Quartet. In addition to her experience performing locally, Angela has also frequently toured both in North America and in Europe as both a classical and electric violinist. In 2017 and 2019, Angela was invited to play in the Academia Europea dell’Opera Orchestra in productions of several Mozart operas. Angela has also participated in many prestigious Summer music festivals including the Orford Summer Music Academy, Domaine Forget International Summer Festival. Angela was also a winner of the 2020 Calgary Philharmonic Concerto Competition. As an electric violinist, Angela has performed with Michael Buble, Il Divo, 2Cellos and numerous local DJ’s for various events.

As a teacher, Angela has maintained a private studio of up to 30 students since 2014 when she began teaching. She seeks to maintain high technical and learning standards for her students, while above all making music enjoyable and rewarding. Students are educated in a range of methods including Suzuki, Kodaly and RCM but are also encouraged to seek other pieces genres to learn from.

Prior to devoting her studies exclusively to music, Angela was a highly trained ballerina; giving her a unique performance background and familiarity with kinesiology and movement which she incorporates into her teaching and performing. During her graduate studies, Angela received the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Grant from the Government of Canada for her research in how movement affects violin performance and pedagogy.

Master of Music (Violin Performance) – University of Calgary
⇒ Bachelor of Music (Violin Performance) – University of Calgary

Ashley Soles

(Theatre Arts: Musical Theatre)

I was born in British Columbia, grew up in Alberta and have been dancing since I was 4. I was always able to find a reason to dance and a way to perform, whether it was at my dance studio, putting together a routine at home for my family, or in the many theatrical shows while in school. In my second year of high school I joined Calaway Park’s ‘Calaway Live’ cast and 2015 marked my ninth and final season performing with the Park. High school was spent putting on show after show (15 productions in total) and after graduating and taking a year off, I moved to Toronto, Ont. to attend George Brown College’s Dance Performance Program. Following this I moved to Victoria, BC. and received triple-threat training from the Canadian College of Performing Arts. CCPA was essential to developing my artistry and helped me discover the deepest reasons of why I love all things theatre! I have also trained with the School of Alberta Ballet, Canada’s National Ballet School, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Professional Training Program), and Company of Rogues Acting Studio.

I’m so glad and lucky that my travels have given me so many different ways to look at dance, theatre and the performing arts and I’m grateful for how much it has helped build my passion for what I do. I can’t wait to share my love for the arts with the students of Music and Play.

 Dance Performance Certificate – George Brown College
⇒ Certificate, Diploma, and Applied Diploma in the Performing Arts – The Canadian College of Performing Arts

Harold Squire

(Music: Group Music – Music Pups®, Music Adventures-preschool; Private Clarinet, Private Trumpet, Private Ukulele; Administrator; Theatre Arts – Musical Theatre (music, acting)

I have taught music in a lot of different ways over the past 12 years and I have had the pleasure of teaching in Canada as well as India.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Theatre from the University of Calgary, I play many musical instruments and enjoy performing and writing music.

As a performer, I have played (and acted) in the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, the University of Calgary’s operetta’s production of West Side Story and countless concerts at the Rosza Centre in Calgary with the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  I also had the privilege of performing in Bizet’s Carmen in 2018.

I have a deep love for the performing arts and I look forward to passing on the curiosity and intrigue that has inspired me to perform and pursue a career in music.

Bachelor of Arts (Music major / Drama minor) – University of Calgary

Kim Szabo

(Music: Private Piano, Private Voice)

Kim is a seasoned professional musician with a teaching, performance and recording resume that spans over 35 years and the globe. Born and raised in Canada, she started by honing her skills through initial classical training, followed by studies at Grant MacEwan Music Program in Jazz and Popular music. Growing up in Edmonton, Kim’s “after school job” for 10 years was teaching the neighbourhood children piano and voice following the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. During this time, Kim was an active member of Edmonton Musical Theatre, the Alberta College Choir and ProCoro professional classical choir, while also honing her vocal and piano skills within the local Jazz scene.

In early 1989, Kim took her talent overseas to Japan, where she spent the majority of this time in Osaka, performing as a solo artist, establishing a jazz trio, becoming a regular guest artist with various touring pop, jazz and funk groups, and television and recording sessions throughout the Kansia area.

The mid 90’s saw Kim moving her now established career to Europe. Frankfurt, Germany became her base in 2000. By 2003, she was teaching at and eventually led the Jazz Vocal Program at Frankfurt Musikwerkstadt (State Academy for Jazz and Popular Music). She instructed students in vocal Jazz technique and improvisation, preparing them to challenge national exams for a Degree in Jazz Pedagogue. Included in her duties was chair member of the adjudication team for these exams. She also found time to volunteer as educator/instructor for English language through music participation material, within the national education system, specifically with Kindergarten students. During this time in Germany, Kim continued to professionally tour and perform throughout the Rhine-Main area, appearing with her Jazz and Gospel projects. She continued her private vocal studies and analysis of the human voice with Coleman Freeman, professional operatic tenor, in Mannheim, and with Mike Schoenmehl, professional jazz pianist and published author in Frankfurt.

Since returning to Canada, Kim has reintroduced herself to Calgary audiences as a guest pianist for the Fox Big Band, and is currently the vocalist with the Summit Big Band.

Click here to see Kim in performance.

Grade 9 Piano – Royal Conservatory of Music
Grade 8 Voice – Royal Conservatory of Music
Grade III History (equiv to current gr 9), Grade V Harmony (equiv to ARCT), Grade V Theory (equiv to ARCT)– Royal Conservatory of Music
⇒ Music Composition in Jazz Studies, Grant MacEwan College

Kathy Wang

(Music: Private Piano)

Kathy Wang was born into a musical family and started her piano studies at the age of three. She has more than ten years of professional music training at the China Conservatory of Music and its associated middle school, majoring in both piano and composition since the age of twelve. After moving to Canada, she completed her bachelor’s degree majoring in composition under Dr. Keith Hamel, Dr. Stephen Chatman, and Dr. Dorothy Chang at the University of British Columbia. During this time, Kathy pursued her piano study under the chair of the keyboard division – Prof. Mark Anderson who is a Steinway artist in Canada. She achieved a high standard of quality in both her composition and piano studies, and her compositions are frequently performed by the Contemporary Players Ensemble at UBC School of Music. Kathy has also achieved several musical awards and outstanding performance scholarships in both China and Canada.

Kathy has enjoyed teaching all levels, and all-ages, of private piano students as well as Yamaha group lessons, and musicianship lessons. Her goal as a music educator is to encourage and inspire all levels of music learners – from a simple interest in music to a passion for music and for those so inclined to the possibility of a profession in music.

Inspire the desire to aspire!

⇒ Bachelor of Music Composition – University of British Columbia
⇒ Diploma (Piano and Composition) – China Conservatory of Music
⇒ RCM Registered Teacher
⇒ Yamaha Group Lesson Certified

Kiyo Yokoyama Larose

(Music: Private Piano)

Kiyo Yokoyama was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. She began piano lessons at age five through the Yamaha Music Program, and continued with private lessons until her high school graduation. Kiyo moved to the US to further her music education at Brigham Young University Hawaii where she chose to study organ music and later received a Bachelor of Music Degree from Utah State University and a Masters Degree in Organ Performance from Arizona State University. She has served as an accompanist for university choirs, local choirs and churches in Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, and Japan and taught at the Phoenix Yamaha Music School in Arizona for seven years.

Kiyo has been involved with musicals as a rehearsal accompanist and a show pianist. Since moving to Calgary in 2006, she has been part of a show with Storybook Theatre, as well as playing at church, for auditions, and has been teaching piano and organ lessons at a local Calgary music studio. Kiyo is very excited to join Music and Play as a piano instructor and is looking forward to sharing her love of music with her students.

⇒ Bachelor of Music (Organ Performance) – Utah State University
⇒ Master of Music (Organ Performance) – Arizona State University
⇒ Yamaha Certified Teacher

Darryl Lindenbach

(Co-Owner/Director: Theatre Arts)

As an arts entrepreneur, management consultant and community builder, I’ve had the pleasure of creating and leading arts organizations across Western Canada over the past 25 years. I spent the majority of my early career as a theatre director, designer and artistic director/producer focusing on multi-disciplinary & musical theatre creation – founding three arts organizations, three performing arts schools directing/designing over 60 productions – and I still come back for more!  The second half of my career has focused on helping companies in the corporate, government, church and education sectors meet the goals and dreams they have for their organizations. Music and Play is the culmination of my life’s work and loves – providing artists and audiences, of all ages, the opportunity to experience and explore all that the arts has to offer.