Life Is Better When We Band Together!

Band Together I (full-year)
Thanks to the Nuvo family of instruments, students can easily continue – or begin – their music education playing a band instrument as early as age 6! There’s no need to wait (or start on piano if that’s not the right fit) until they can play traditional band instruments.

After choosing their preferred J-Instrument (jFlute, Clarineo, jSax, or jHorn), students are ready expand their instrumental skills and knowledge of rhythm and the structure of music as they learn traditional music notation and experience the fun of making music and performing songs together in a band every week AND at a number of concerts during the year.

For ages 6-10, this 60-minute weekly group class runs for the entire year (30 weeks). Your instrument purchase and materials are included in the class fee of $560 or $395 for subsequent years – which is payable in one, two, or (10) monthly installments – along with a registration fee of $36 (limit of $72/family/year).

Band Together II (full-year)
It’s independence time! In this continuation of BT I, students begin to experience independent playing through multi-part music while exploring various genres of music. Chromatics (sharps/flats/naturals) are introduced as they expand their range, as is the use of dynamics and articulations for more expressive playing. As the students advance and grow, their concerts throughout the year become more musically challenging for them and entertaining for the audience!

This 60-minute weekly group class runs for 30 weeks and commence in the fall of 2022.