In 2017, M&P introduced M&P Certified In-Home Private Lessons. Unlike some studios, these private lessons are delivered by the same high-quality teachers that we choose to employ within our studios and within the same quality guidelines that our families trust us to deliver.

We offer this learning option as, simply put, we are in the business of providing quality arts education and we believe that there is significant room to improve on what students in Calgary are currently getting from in-home private music lessons and from the many unlicensed, in-home studios and teachers. Experienced teachers have committed decades of time and effort to become great educators, however for many consumers, the choice of arts education may be simply defined by the answers to ‘is the studio within five minutes from my house,’ and ‘is there a Starbucks nearby?’ We recognize the desire that today’s families have for the convenience that in-home lessons afford, but we also know that students can be damaged both physically and emotionally by a poor lesson experience.

That is where M&P Certified In-Home Lessons come in.  We believe that in-home music lessons can, and should, bring the best of both worlds – convenience and quality. To do so, there is a need for the standards and rigour of a high-quality instructional facility, combined with the convenience of the local private music teacher who is teaching out of their house – or the University student who is still willing to drive around the city. To raise the bar, there is a need for consumers to have a way to understand what quality in-home music education really looks like – and M&P is just that someone.

If you are interested in our Certified IN-HOME Private Lessons, please contact us to schedule an assessment so we may help create a plan to meet your musical growth. At M&P we take great care to ensure we match our students with the right teacher to ensure the greatest success.

Following the assessment we will recommend an appropriate placement for your consideration. Please note that like our in-studio lessons, we do not accept students under the age of 6 for private lessons. Specific minimum age guidelines are as follows:

  • Piano: age 6 (group piano based lessons are available for ages 4+)
  • Guitar: age 8
  • Voice: age 9 (group classes available for ages 5+)
  • Drums: age 9
  • Violin: age 6
  • Woodwinds: age 9
  • Brass: age 9

Please click on the links below for more information or to register once an assessment has been completed.