Music Cats v2

Our industry-leading Music Cats® classes are LIVE and IN-PERSON at our large and safe studios!

We put the meow in ‘meowsic’ lessons! Okay, they are actually cat-free (but animal-themed), and our Music Cats® classes have been another sought-after music class for our youngest students and their families!

For students aged 4-5, Music Cats classes – by The Music Class® – build on the skills learned in Music Pups, feature the same spirited and fun environment, and include more challenging activities – specially designed to capitalize on the ability and creativity of our ‘big kids’. Also like Music Pups, each class is PARENTED, 45-minutes long, and materials provided include a digital download of the current Music Pups materials (limited hard copies may be available) PLUS an additional Music Cats a digital download of the ‘practice music’. Note: families already owning the appropriate Music Pups session materials only require the additional practice tracks.

We strongly encourage students interested in taking our Keyboard Adventures: the Safari classes, to take Music Cats first to better prepare them. The goals of Music Cats are:

  • Improved pitch and rhythm skills. In addition to Music Pups popular class style – singing and movement activities – Music Cats also includes more formal individualized tonal and rhythm instruction each week to challenge each student at their own level.
  • Development of critical listening skills, such as the ability to identify when notes are correct or incorrect when listening to familiar songs.
  • Learning about instruments. In Music Cats, the students are introduced to band and orchestra instruments, and practice identifying the sounds they produce. This is a great springboard for those interested in wind instruments and our new My First Instrument classes.
  • A student’s first keyboard experience. Fun keyboarding activities help prepare our students for future piano lessons should they choose that instrument to continue their musical growth on.
  • Development of creative listening skills. When listening to instrumental music, students are asked to use their imagination to create a picture in their mind of what the music makes them think of. These ideas are then developed into movement and story.

TMC Logo 300x269Thank you for your for your interest in Music Cats – we look forward to seeing you soon for MEOWRS of fun!

Music Cats®
is a program of The Music Class®

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