Often copied but never replicated…our industry-leading TMC® classes are LIVE and IN-PERSON at our large and safe studios!

Music Pups ImageFull of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play, parents learn how to enrich their child’s music environment, increase music potential and understand their child’s music development through the TMC® program. This leading, developmentally appropriate, mixed-age program by The Music Class® allows siblings to enjoy their first music classes together and are designed for infants through 4 year-olds, each with a parent or caregiver.

Classes are offered in three, 10-week terms and one 6-week summer session each year and discounts are provided to students who register in more than one class each year. Siblings (8 months of age or under – at the time of the first class) may attend classes free of charge and siblings 9 months and over receive discounted tuition. Lessons are 45 minutes long and enrollment is limited to 12 students (plus caregivers) per class.TMC Logo 300x269

Each family receives a digital download of materials with a broad variety of sounds and activities designed to stimulate musical learning. The library consists of 12 different themes allowing you to enjoy TMC® classes for three years with all-new music for each session.

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TMC® is a program of The Music Class®.

2023/2024 TMC® Session Dates
Fall Session: Week of September 11 – ending November 20, 2023

Holiday Session: November 21 – December 11, 2023

Winter Session: Week of January 8 – ending March 23, 2024

Spring Session: Week of April 8 – ending June 15, 2024

NOTE: Some sessions have breaks – please see our annual schedule for full details

The Music Class® Educational Philosophy
We know a child’s brain is not fully formed at birth, but instead continues to develop during the first years of life and is highly influenced by the experiences of the child during those formative years.  This concept is true for music as well. Children who grow up in an enriched music environment are better able to understand and enjoy music for the rest of their lives!

Consider how children learn language. The best way to learn language is to be immersed in language, in class and at home, day after day.  The same is true with music.  The most effective way to learn music is by being immersed in the sounds of music, including a broad variety of musical scales, rhythms, and styles, and starting at a very young age. The TMC® program provides just that opportunity. Our classes, music and activities provide a fun way for caregivers and children to enjoy our songs together– and digital access enables families to take home those songs so that they can enjoy our music and activities repeatedly throughout the week.

While we take our goal of educating children very seriously, we know that the key to success lies in one word—fun!  In TMC, everyone has a great time in class, and children love listening to the songs from class over and over again at home. Because we know that it is essential for grownups to enjoy the songs as well, we make sure our music isn’t simplistic or babyish and parents continually tell us how fresh and enjoyable our music is compared to other programs they have tried!

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Benefits of Music Education
Benefits of Mixed Age Classes

Music Learning Outcomes by Age

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