My 1st Flute (ages 6-8)

This class is for flute beginners or graduates of the Tütz & Düdz/My First jInstrument class who want to focus on learning the flute. Students will learn the foundations for a beautiful flute sound, improve finger dexterity and coordination along with learning how to read musical notation in a fun group setting. Note: parents attend for the last five minutes of class to receive practice instructions for the week.

Student Requirements:

  • A Flute (you may use a NUVO Toot for the beginning of the class, but you will need to arrange to have a head joint for some of the activities. This can be arranged through Ms. Kelsey)
  • A Stand for at home practicing
  • A Metronome for at home practice (there are free apps!)

This 45-minute group class runs in two semesters: a 17-week term in the fall ($295) and a 17-week term in the winter/spring ($295). Materials are included in the class fees which are payable in one or two installments along with a registration fee of $36 (max $72/family/year).

Materials provided include a Method book, a small magnetic mirror for your stand and a bag to keep all your goodies in!

We look forward to seeing you at our large and safe studios this Fall!

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