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Imagine Performing Arts is dedicated to mentoring artists, musicians and technicians of all ages — with a special focus on youth aged 10-20. Through the production of community-based musical and dramatic shows, Imagine PA is focused on the production of multidisciplinary work, expanding artistic boundaries, and supporting the development of the next generation of theatre artists.

With a strong mentorship approach, Imagine PA looks forward to working alongside artists, young and old, in Calgary to continue to change the way that we think of theatre especially when it comes to the emerging artists in our community.


General Imagine Info and Past Shows


Darryl Lindenbach 2015

Artistic Producer: Darryl Lindenbach

For over 25 years, I have spent my life encouraging those who were young and young at heart to pursue their performing arts dreams and along the way I have to say, we have created some really great shows. Some of the young people we have worked with have gone on to careers in the arts, but for sure, participants of all ages have taken away memories and skills that will last them a lifetime in whatever they choose to do.

Imagine PA is the 5th theatre company that I have has the pleasure of starting – and I am so pleased that my first one is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Over this amount of time you get to do and see a lot – and once you work on over 100 shows you really need to make sure that you’re still in it for the right reasons. With the birth of Imagine, and mission we have arrived at for it, there couldn’t be any better place to create art right now! See you in the theatre.

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