AMP-lify your Life or Career!

M&P is excited to offer our unique Artist Mentoring Program (AMP).  There are many stages of an artist’s, or a person’s development and sometimes you just need a little boost, you have a specific goal you wish to achieve or you have a project that you would like to work on. AMP is just the solution!

AMP is an on-demand program where students of all ages (7 – 99) may access a variety of arts professionals, in a variety of disciplines, for one-on-one coaching/mentoring. There is no set duration required, and no fixed schedule for AMP sessions – you may meet with a mentor for one session or schedule a series of sessions.  All sessions are established based on availability and fees are specific to each mentor and will be discussed when establishing the session(s).  Contact us to find out more!

Available mentors, and some options through the AMP program, include:

AUDITION PREP (Darryl Lindenbach; Ashley Soles, Sarah Irwin)
Taking your love of theatre to the next level often requires an audition process. But auditions are very unlike the actual art of being in a show so how do you get over this hurdle?  Well, with a little practice and support auditions can become something you might actually look forward to! Audition Prep mentors can help you with many areas including: building an appropriate audition repertoire, presentation in the audition room, prepping for cold reads, how to take direction from the panel in an audition setting and call-back prep. Make sure that you are most prepared person in the room through show research, proper staging of your audition piece and also the basics – marketing yourself, headshots and building a resume. Sessions may also focus on post-audition work: how did it go, what did you learn and what do you want to try to improve on for next time – because there will be one!

PERFORMANCE PREP (Darryl Lindenbach; Ashley Soles, Sarah Irwin)
You have had a successful audition and now have a show or performance coming up. The mentors in this AMP program can help you with many pre-performance elements: how to research/develop your character, research the story/song, getting off-book, bringing a character or song to life and how to keep a performance fresh when doing it multiple times.

These one-on-one sessions with Zac can help students to develop their craft through learning the variety of tools that great songwriters use to shape an excellent song. Sessions may focus on different aspects of song writing (inspiration, melody, harmony, lyrics, song form).  Zac can also help students with piano composition including aspects such as classical understanding of melody, harmony and rhythm and also how to use a song to tell a story or express an idea.

SPEECH ARTS (Darryl Lindenbach; Ashley Soles)
Do you have a presentation to give or do you just want to become more confident as a speaker?  Speech arts is a diverse discipline that includes speech writing and public speaking; improvisation; storytelling; literary analysis; and the dynamic and effective performance of poetry, prose drama and presentations. Speech arts mentors work can with you to improve speech structure and the organization of ideas as well as to improve vocal variety, body language and physicality, memorization, eye focus, characterization and character voices, projection and emotional awareness.

VOICE (Sarah Irwin)
Sarah works to help performers connect with the text of their songs and to personalize them in a real way by using their imagination, substitution and an understanding of objectives. Sarah is also part of the AMP Audition Prep team, and through her real-world audition experience, she works to help students navigate the challenges of telling their stories through song and of getting into the audition room and then what to do once they’re there.