We Make it Easy for Our Families!

Since M&P opened our doors, we have led the way in making it easy for families to attend classes. Our sibling care area means no more trying to find care for one child while you spend time with the other(s). As some of our group music classes are parented, this convenience has been happily embraced by our families and has become a staple of the M&P model.

For a small fee (per class, per child) we provide our families with the option of arts-focused drop-in classes for siblings only while the caregiver(s) attend lessons with their other children. Please note that no electronics are allowed in the room.

Families attending full year programs enroll in Create & Play for the entire year (34 classes) for $340 while families attending our 10-week Music Pup® or Music Cats® sessions may enroll siblings for each term at a cost of $100. (All fees are subject to convenience fees if paid by credit card)

As classes are run based on demand, please contact us directly for information. Drop-in care (when available) is $15 per child per class. Please contact us at musicandplay@shaw.ca or 403.984.4362 to confirm that drop in space is available prior to attending the class.