New this fall, Music and Play is proud to introduce the first of their choral programs – Generations: a cultural choir.  This vocal group is for ages 7 to 99 and will focus on the Slavic music traditions.  The choir will run in three, 10-week terms each year (fall, winter, spring) with performance opportunities during the year.  The first fall term will be slightly shorter: 8-weeks beginning on October 18!

Generations: a cultural choir is led by Ms. Oksana Krasnozhen and the first term will focus on the basics of Ukrainian folk songs and classical singing and will work on pieces that are connected to traditional Christmas celebrations. Members will not only enjoy choral singing – as well as learning the basics of the Ukrainian language and pronunciation – but they will also learn about the Ukrainian culture involved in the process and that support the performance of the music (traditions, symbols and historical facts).

Generations is the perfect opportunity to be part of a diverse group of individuals, to expand your musical horizons and maybe even enjoy time in an activity together with younger family members. Participants will build on their cultural knowledge, learn more about their roots and culture and deepen their musical knowledge through this new experience!

Click here for a sharable Info page about the program!