A NEW Option For Early Flute and Woodwind Students!

Music & Play is excited to announce My First Flute – an introduction to the flute for students 4-8 years old. These 30-minute private lessons are filled with movement, fun and games as students learn to make music with the Nuvo TooT – laughing all the way.

Using the Nuvo TooT this new class option provides students with all the skills required to allow them to move to a regular flute and to begin to read traditional music notation. Through the program, students will play their first songs, improve finger coordination, develop their aural awareness, learn sound-symbol recognition and increase breath control. At the end of their first three sessions, students will have finished Book 1 (My Flute Book 1) and they be equipped to move into private lessons on either a jFlute or silver flute.


What’s A TooT?
The Nuvo TooT is an instrument for beginners specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of flute playing. A logical step after the recorder, it uses the recorder fingering system with a closed hole design which helps smaller hands successfully to cover the holes. The TooT includes the Nuvo Firstnote lip plate which helps students to get a sound from the instrument early on and it can also be switched out for the regular lip plate once their embouchure has been developed!


About the Materials – My Flute Book 1 by Anne Fontenay
The first book of the series is focused on younger learners and uses entirely iconic notation with a short introduction to the staff towards the end of the book.  The second book introduces staff notation, skips versus steps, whole notes, eighth notes, 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures, accidentals, major versus minor, dynamics (piano and forte) and may be used with older students should they progress quickly through the curriculum.


About The Program

Program Sessions: Fall: 13 weeks; Winter 10 weeks; Spring 10 weeks
Session 1 Concepts: Play songs using B-A-G; Understand and play short/long sounds; Recognize high/low sounds; Move to the beat; Sound-symbol recognition
Session 2 Concepts: Play Songs using B-A-G-F-C; Rests; Recite the musical alphabet; Repeats and pattern identification; Moving higher/lower
Session 3 Concepts: Play songs using B-A-G-F-E-D-C; Ta/Ta-oo; Identify lines and spaces on the musical staff; Identify and draw G clef; Maintaining a steady beat
Fundamentals Covered in Addition to Above Concepts: Proper Posture, Physical warm-ups; Breath control; Proper embouchure formation
Materials Provided: Your very own TooT; My Flute Book 1; a Lesson Binder and additional class/practice materials
Additional Materials (not included): Flute Mask (covid dependant); Music Stand (for home practice)