Let’s PLAY!

Theatre has always been a popular outlet for youth! At M&P we introduce our students to the diverse skills needed for theatre and place them at the centre of the work they do. Through artistic awareness and self-expression, we focus on helping our students to develop their creativity, imagination and increase social awareness, fluency of speech, self-knowledge, respect, discipline, confidence and above all – enjoyment of the arts!  Because if you don’t enjoy it…why are you doing it?  Plus, they get to show off all their hard work in at least two performance opportunities each year!

So, that’s the pitch. Maybe your child is showing interest in this year’s school play – but you’re wondering if you really want him or her to learn about being an actor, singer or dancer? Or maybe they’re interested in trying their hand at theatre for first time…whatever the influence, we’d love to PLAY with them.  Click on the links below to find out more!