This spring learn to play the Ukulele in a fun group setting!  Ukuleles are small, low maintenance, affordable and easy to learn. The ukulele has grown in popularity in recent years establishing a presence in the pop industry and many a sing-along (beach not required).

During the first 60 seconds of the first class, students will learn to play a song, and over the next 8 weeks, they will learn a wide variety of songs, techniques and playing styles (picking and strumming) and will build a songbook of fun repertoire to share with friends and family! Students will learn to read Tab and traditional music notation and will also learn how to care for their instrument!

Ukulele is a great starting point for younger students in interested guitar, or for those with an eye on a future indie music career.  We hope that you will join us for this new group music program at M&P!

Classes (8 weeks)
Ages 6-8: 30 mins ($95)
Ages 9-12: 45 mins ($125)
Ages 13+: 60 mins ($145)

**Note current AHS pandemic protocols and class limits are in place for all M&P classes and masks are mandatory.
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