A Performing Arts School vs. Specific Discipline Schools…
       …What’s the difference?

The main difference between a performing arts school and one that teaches only dance or music or theatre is in the learning students can experience even if they are not taking cross discipline classes.  The growth and arts appreciation students can gain from being around others who appreciate and are growing through the arts is limitless, not to mention the benefits they can realize if they are interested in becoming a multi-disciplinary performer.  While there is the thought that an individually focussed school can provide better instruction, that is really tied to the hiring standards of the school and their education philosophy, not the fact that they teach more than one discipline.  We are sure there are very few performers who ever say that they wish they had the opportunity for less collaboration in the arts.  This opportunity for collaboration also creates a great environment for the teaching staff to grow as artists and educators themselves.  And inspired teachers inspire students!

Over the past ten years, M&P has offered classes in almost every aspect of the performing arts and we pride ourselves on having a faculty able to work with multidisciplinary performers of all ages. Our faculty are accomplished educators, musicians and theatre performers who, in addition to being teachers, have a desire to share their craft with the next generation. They all have a strong passion for what they do and it shows as they work to ensure our students are making appropriate decision and progress in each area to help achieve their goals.

So assuming everyone hires great staff, is passionate about what they do, has a great facility in a great location, is the best at what they do, and loves teaching…then what?

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