Our Musical Theatre Classes Are Returning!

We have lots to tell you, please read below:

Since March, the world of live performance has changed – A LOT!  In spite of that, the arts and the art of storytelling have not gone away, the actors and audiences have not left and neither has the ability to learn and grow through the performing arts.

This summer M&P relocated to a new 7500sf facility – the largest music studio in the city – and one where we are able to continue to teach and inspire young artists – SAFELY.  While we paused our theatre arts program at the beginning the fall to evaluate the best and safest way forward, we are excited to announce that our musical theatre classes are resuming as of October 19!

This year, thanks to some not so gentle prodding by COVID-19, Musical Theatre at M&P is going back to where it started – with a renewed focus on ‘performing’ – NOT solely on ‘productions’. Even though there will be times when you won’t be able to be in a full production, you will always be able to find opportunities to perform and create performances that will help you grow as artists – and that is what we are committed to at M&P. As the world is still a ways from being able to have meaningful sizes of audiences in theatres, we believe this is the best way forward, and one that allows our students to spend their time performing LIVE instead of spending countless hours trying to translate what they love to do to video!

This year, Musical Theatre classes will be offered for ages 7 – 17, will run over two 14-week terms, and will cover a wide variety of disciplines and skills valuable to a performer within the world of Musical Theatre.  We will experiment with all kinds of storytelling techniques, and the students will showcase their learnings in the one-act online/virtual musical ‘Super Happy Awesome News!’ by Beat by Beat Press at the end of their first term (in February). You may have heard about our world premiere ‘virtual’ musical last spring – this is a similar project, but this time we will be filming all the individual pieces in-studio (in order to make is easier for families and to capture the the live on-stage theatre magic), with the finished project available to everyone to view online in February 2021.

Plans for the year-end (second term) performances are still in the planning (and may look very different) as we wait to see where future guidance from health and government officials may lead, but we are VERY interested in having our students create their own original show in Term 2!  This original work would build on their shared knowledge and experiences from the first term and the world in which we all live and embrace the true performance philosophy of the arts!

Each term will include work in: Music & Singing, Movement & Dance, Improv, Monologue and Group Scene Work, Shadow Play, Mask Acting, Scriptwriting, Design and more!  All classes and activities at M&P adhere to strict guidelines, as directed by health and government officials, and with four months of in-studio operation already under our belts – we know that it can be done safely if you listen to the experts!

What does ‘safe’ mean?  It means that students are asked to wash their hands when they arrive, and again as required during class, and sanitizer is available if necessary. Masks are required for all classes, unless appropriate distancing can be observed for some activities and masks are also required for ALL singing activities.  A singing mask is highly recommended, and while we do not have any for sale, we can provide you with a pattern should you be interested.  Work in each discipline will be approached with the appropriate and required safety protocols in place. In addition, there will be no sharing of materials and we will be communicating any needs for class as we progress through the year.

We are excited to get back to creating theatre and performing and look forward to meeting you in class!

Broadway Bound – About The Classes:

Ages 7 – 11: Monday 6:30 – 8:00pm ($420/term + registration)
Ages 12 – 17: Fridays 4:00 – 6:00pm ($490/term + registration)

Fall/Winter Term: October 19, 2020 – February 27, 2021 (14-weeks)
Spring Term: March 1 – June 12, 2021 (14-weeks)

To maximize the growth of all our students, we will now divide students within our classes into smaller groups – based on their skill level, not their age, for work on various disciplines.  Depending on the work undertaken, there may also be additional sessions scheduled periodically throughout the year (on Saturdays or Sundays TBC) to assist in bringing the performances together.

Registration fees are due at time of enrollment.