Musical Theatre at M&P

NEW: Spring 2021 Musical Theatre Classes

Since March 2020, the world of live performance has changed – A LOT!  In spite of that, the arts and the art of storytelling have not gone away, the actors and audiences have not left and neither has the ability to learn and grow through the performing arts.

As it appears that in-person classes will continue to be allowed this spring, and we are happy to announce we will be moving forward with a shortened spring term of Musical Theatre. Term 2 of Musical Theatre will now run for 10-weeks, beginning Monday, April 12 through Saturday, June 19.  This 10-week term is for students aged 7 – 12 and runs for 90 minutes each Monday from 6:30 – 8:00pm.  There may also be additional sessions scheduled throughout the term (TBC) to assist in bringing the performances together. Tuition is $275 for the term.

Each term at M&P includes work in all of the areas that make musical theatre what it is, including: music, movement & dance, improv, scene work, monologues and more!  All classes and activities at M&P adhere to strict guidelines, as directed by health and government officials, and with over a year of safe pandemic in-studio operation already under our belts – we know that it can be done safely if you listen to the experts!

What does ‘safe’ mean?  It means that students are asked to wash their hands when they arrive, and again as required during class, and sanitizer is available if necessary. Masks are required for all classes, unless appropriate distancing can be observed for some activities and masks are also required for ALL singing activities.  A singing mask is highly recommended, and while we do not have any for sale, we can provide you with a pattern should you be interested.  Work in each discipline will be approached with the appropriate and required safety protocols in place. In addition, there will be no sharing of materials and we will be communicating any needs for class as we progress through the year.

We look forward to meeting you in class!