Explore the world of wind instruments through My First NUVO Instrument!


In this course, students aged 5 to 8 will get to experience the world of wind instruments as they rotate through the jFlute, jSax, Clarinéo and jHorn to help them decide which instrument is ‘them’.  This class is open to students who have graduted from Tütz & Düdz program – and who are taking their next steps – AND ALSO to older students looking for the perfect introduction to wind instruments!

In My First Nuvo Instrument, students expand their music and instrumental knowledge along with their listening skills and musical creativity while all while playing and performing together in their first group band!

This 45-minute group class runs in two semesters: a 17-week term in the fall ($260) and a 17-week term in the winter/spring ($260) – with parents attending for the last 5 minutes of each class only.  Instrument rental & materials are included in the class fees and fees are payable in one or two installments along with a registration fee of $36 (max $72/family/year).


So, what’s a jFlute sound like? Click here!                 What’s a jSax sound like? Click here!


What’s a Clarinéo sound like? Click here!                 What’s a JHorn sound like? Click here!

Each Nuvo instrument is available in a variety of colours and you can customize your instrument in a number of ways!

We look forward to seeing you at our large and safe studios this Fall!
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