As of September 1, 2020, we are operating at our new 7500sf studios located at #201, 6919 – 32 Avenue NW.



JUNE 16, 2020

CALGARY, AB –  Since early 2012, students and families from across Calgary have called Music and Play’s second-floor studios in the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre in West Calgary home. During this time, we have welcomed over 5,000 students through our doors and have been privileged to offer the leading music programs in the City for artists of all ages.  Over the years, we have watched our students change and, with the not-so gentle influence of COVID-19, we have been faced with some tough decisions over the past few months. But, as is common in the arts, we think it is time for a change as well!

We are excited to announce that beginning in September 2020, Music and Play will be welcoming all our students to our new socially distanced 7,500 SF Studio space. Our new studio is located at #201, 6919 – 32 Avenue NW, just a few minutes north of our current location near the intersection of Sarcee and Hwy 16 (adjacent to the old Sunnyside Greenhouse location that we all miss so dearly). This short move takes us to a free-standing location with limited shared space and to an area where the new Trinity Hills, and other developments, are set make this a wonderful destination for Calgary families!

Don’t be fooled by the NW address though – we’re not going far.  This new studio location is as much in the NW as our current studio is in SW, meaning that this new location will allow our current families to continue to enjoy convenient access to the leading West Calgary studio they have come to trust and enjoy, while allowing even greater ease of accessibility to our students in the West and Northwest areas of the city!

Why the move?  Well, the first half of 2020 has proven to be life-changing for us all and over the past three months we have all learned a lot. We have learned that our world will never be the same, that people are incredibly resilient, and that health & safety will be the vital focus of every individual and institution for the foreseeable future. From cleaning, to sanitizing, to wearing masks, to – most importantly – social distancing, every part of our lives has changed. Through it all, Music and Play has remained focused on our company’s mission of over 10 years – to provide top quality music and arts education to students of all ages in Calgary. At M&P, we are committed to building great people and, in order to move forward in this reality, we must acknowledge these learnings and the changes that will be required within the arts education landscape to successfully serve students who choose to grow through music and the arts.

This new Studio location allows us to almost triple our current square footage, and more space means that we can serve artists of all ages in Calgary BETTER and – most importantly – more SAFELY.  The facility allows us to make our already great teaching spaces even better and ensures that we will be able to address the new realities of social distancing – and whatever the future may throw at us all next.

“But it will be different.”  Yes, that is true, but so have all of our lives for the past three months and for the foreseeable future. But there are things that will not change – things we feel are critical to arts education, and things what we have come to stand for. Music and Play will still be the same great company committed to advancing music and arts education, we will have the same great teachers (and a few more) and, most importantly, we will continue to offer the leading music and arts education that students of all ages in our community have come to expect!  For the year ahead, we will continue to offer Online/Virtual and In-Home music lessons from our new facility, but to be honest – we believe that music education is best delivered In-Studio and In-Person and we are making this change to ensure that In-Studio music education at Music and Play will continue as safely and effectively as possible.

So even in the pandemic, the entrepreneurial spirit of the arts and arts education are alive and well in Calgary.  Change and leading are hard, and making the right decisions are even harder, but that has been our commitment to our families for over a decade – and will be for the decade ahead.

For more information, please contact us at or 403-984-4362.