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UPDATED NOV 12 – COVID-19 Information
Nov 24 Update:
As announced by the Government of Alberta earlier today, the province of Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency and imposed a number of new restrictions on social gatherings, places of worship, businesses, and schools across the province. While there are increased impacts on some new areas of our community, this news does not impose any further operational restrictions on private music lessons at M&P. The restrictions imposed on group classes on November 13 have been extended and, as such, we will be communicating with those classes affected separately.

Thanks to our work this summer to relocate to a new expansive facility along with our leading safety measures and continual safe operation since the pandemic begin in March, M&P remains well-positioned and allowed to safely serve of private music students in-studio. As the need to quarantine in schools has grown over the past few weeks, we have seen some families opt to move their lessons online for a few weeks and we are more than happy to help accommodate you with that if you wish. For those of you who find it necessary to move online for a short period and who have not yet experienced the new Muzie platform we are using this year for virtual lessons, we know that you will be pleased at the differences in quality over the Discord and Zoom platforms that we used last spring!

We will provide more information in the days ahead as required and would like to again thank you for your patience as we all continue to live through our new reality. We look forward to seeing you soon – and please remember to be kind to each other during this stressful time; together we will get through this new challenge and, in the end, all will be well.

Please click here for information sent November 12 re: two-week pause/change to programming.

Please click here for COVID-related information on our 20-21 operations in our new studios.

We Have Moved!
UPDATE: As of August 17, we are operating out of our new location, 6919 – 32 Avenue NW.












The first half of 2020 has proven to be life-changing for us all and over the past three months we have all learned a lot.  We have learned that our world will never be the same, that people are incredibly resilient, and that health & safety will be the vital focus of every individual and institution for the foreseeable future. From cleaning, to sanitizing, to wearing masks, to – most importantly – social distancing, every part of our lives has changed. Through it all, Music and Play has remained focused on our company’s mission of over 10 years – to provide top quality music and arts education to students of all ages in Calgary. At M&P, we are committed to building great people and, in order to move forward in this reality, we must acknowledge these learnings and the changes that will be required within the arts education landscape to successfully serve students who choose to grow through music and the arts.

Since early 2012, students and families from across Calgary have called our second-floor studios in the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre in West Calgary home. During this time, we have welcomed over 5,000 students through our doors and have been privileged to offer the leading music programs in the City for artists of all ages.  We have watched our students change as they age and, with the not-so gentle influence of the current pandemic, we think that it is time for us to do so as well!

We are excited to announce that beginning in September 2020, Music and Play will be welcoming all our students to our new 7,500 SF Studio space just a few minutes north of our current location! Our new Studios will be located at 6919 – 32 Avenue NW – near the intersection of Sarcee and Hwy 16 (adjacent to the old Sunnyside Greenhouse location). Don’t be fooled by the NW address though – this new studio location is as much in the NW as our current studio is in SW. The new Studio location allows our current families to continue to enjoy convenient access to the leading West Calgary studio they have come to trust and enjoy, while allowing even greater ease of accessibility to students in the West and Northwest areas of Calgary and all our Springbank families!  This short move takes us to a free-standing location with limited shared space and to an area where the new Trinity Hills development is set become a wonderful destination for Calgary families! Also, right across the street, we will be able to watch a new retail/residential development flourish in years ahead!

Why the move?  Well, this new Studio location will allow us to almost triple our current square footage and more space means that we can serve you BETTER and – most importantly – more SAFELY.  The facility will not only allow us to make our already great teaching spaces even better for all our classes and lessons, but also help to ensure that we will be able to address the new realities of social distancing – and whatever the future may throw at us all next. 😊

Why are we just sharing this information now?  Well, quite frankly, the ink is just dry on the new lease. Since the pandemic hit, we have been working daily to analyze our operations and look the options that existed to best address the new challenges ahead for schooling and the arts. Now that the plans are finally solidified, we are excited to finally be able to share this information with you today!

“But it will be different”, you’re probably thinking.  Yes, that is true. The address will be different, the building will be different, and the spaces will be different. But there are many things that will not change – things we feel are critical and are what we have come to stand for. Music and Play will still be the same great company committed to advancing music and arts education, we will have the same great teachers (and a few more) and, most importantly, we will continue to offer the leading music and arts education that students of all ages in our community have come to expect!  Change and leading are hard, and making the right decisions are even harder, but that is what we have committed to do for our families for over a decade – and we look forward to doing that for the next decade.

For the year ahead, we will continue to offer Online/Virtual and In-Home music lessons from our new facility, but to be honest – we believe that music education is best delivered In-Studio and In-Person and we are making this change to ensure that In-Studio music education can continue to happen as safely and effectively as possible and that Music and Play will continue to lead the way for years to come.

Thank you for your past support of Music and Play and for your continual dedication to raising the bar for music education for Calgary families!  We look forward to seeing you at the NEW Studio and watch for more news and details in the weeks ahead!


“Yearning for a new way will not produce it. Only ending the old way can do that. You cannot hold onto the old, all the while declaring that you want something new. The old will defy the new. The old will deny the new. The old will decry the new. There is only one way to bring in the new. You must make room for it.

— Neale Donald Walsch

2020/2021 Calendars
To view our 2020/2021 Private Music School Calendar please click here.

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NEW: WunderKeys – Preschool Private Piano
Until now, M&P has directed our 3, 4 or 5-year-old musicians into one of our group/foundational music programs, but we know that a group setting is not a fit for every student and family and during a pandemic there is an even greater need for options for these young learners.

Along with opening a new building this fall, we are also pleased to introduce a New Piano Program for Preschool-Aged Children – WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers – a unique blend of music and imagination nourishes the intellectual and creative minds of young children.

Click here for more information.

Music and Arts Resources

We know this is an absolutely crazy time for you. Along with moving all our of classes to Virtual/online deliver, we have started this page to share some FREE music and arts educational resources to help you and your children occupy the time at home!  Click here for more information.

Schedule an Absence or Makeup Class
To schedule an absence or makeup for any of our programs (Music Pups®, Music Cats®, Music Adventures, TMC at Home™, The Safari™, or private lessons),  please log into the Client Portal.

Please note that absences for all classes/lessons must be schedule in advance of the absence to qualify for a makeup class and that makeup classes are limited.  For 2020/21, only Virtual makeups will be available for Group Classes, but both options are available for Private lessons. See the policy info for your specific class/lesson for details.

Please review the policy letter agreed to upon registration for specific withdrawal policies.

Please note, for private lesson withdrawals, as the School operates on ‘teaching weeks’ for the purposes of billing, 4-weeks notice refers to, and means, four teaching weeks – NOT four calendar weeks.

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The Safari: Group Music Program
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Student/Parent Notices/Info
Purchasing a keyboard or piano (updated 2020)
Arts 4 All Bursary Program

Arts 4 All Bursary Program Launched
Painting a Bright Future for the Arts
Partnership with Anna Razumovskaya & ArtHouse Studios & Co Publishing Announced

The arts are a complex tapestry of disciplines and inspires and enriches our communities. For over ten years, M&P has been excited to welcome students to learn and grow through the performing arts and is excited to be able to continue to expose its clients and residents of Calgary to the art of internationally acclaimed impressionist, Anna Razumovskaya.

The relationship with Ms. Razumovskaya began in 2008, when while running Alberta Ballet, M&P co-owner, Darryl Lindenbach built a relationship with Shirley Louie (ArtHouse Studios & Co Publishing) and through her, an amazing modern artist. Anna’s work was featured in the ballet’s marketing soon after and her original, Romeo & Juliet inspired work, ‘Love Story’ was then translated into a larger than life mural and displayed prominently on a building on McLeod Trail for over a year.

With her classic figurative forms, acclaimed Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya magically captures the lyrical romanticism of renaissance portraiture, while creating art that is completely modern and original. Anna is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form, at turns, classically alluring, demure and provocative. Ms. Razumovskaya’s work embraces the arts and her captivating images often capture the worlds of dance and music in new-found beauty.

The arts can be a challenging industry in which to work and for many, to thrive.  At Music and Play, we are so grateful to Shirley Louie, ArtHouse Studios & Co Publishing and Ms. Razumovskaya for this wonderful new partnership that allows us to not only more fully embrace and represent the arts at our studios but also to help our studio ensure that arts education remains accessible for all.

Through this partnership, any sales of Ms. Razumovskaya’s work by M&P, will result in the contribution of 10% of the purchase price towards the new ‘Arts 4 All’ Music and Play bursary program to help ensure that arts education continues to be affordable and accessible to everyone in our community.

You may have noticed that four of Anna’s limited edition, hand-embellished Giclee’s grace the walls of the Music and Play lobby and studios and we are happy to introduce you to more of Anna’s work and, if you wish, to help you secure one of Ms. Razumovskaya’s amazing works of your very own to bring the arts to life in your home or office.

Click here for more information on Artist Anna Razumovskaya.

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