It’s Time to Perform!

Let’s face it. It’s hard to get up on a stage and perform and most music or training programs don’t really prepare people for the performing part. What does then? Well, there is really no better teacher than experience. Just doing it again and again and again – just like practicing an instrument, a theatre piece or a dance. Unfortunately, there’s not an overabundance of those types of opportunities – ones that are not tied to competition or twice a year recitals at least.  But that is about to change.

In the fall of 2021, M&P started this great program – allowing students monthly access to our new ArtsLab Studio Theatre space to experience the joy of performing at concerts multiple times a year – not just when the bi-annual recital rolls around.  This safe and nurturing environment allows people of any age the opportunity to get up and perform – and there is no charge! Still wondering what it’s like – think open mic nights but for any instrument, or type of performance!

Each concert lasts for about an hour. We do ask that everyone who is attending (both performers and audience members) stay for the entire event. Lastly, we may request that a performer arrive a bit early for a sound check if their performance/instrument requires it. This will not be required for all performers, you will receive a separate email with a request to arrive early if needed.

Spots are limited and registration for the concert is on a first sign-up basis. *Please note that priority will be given to performers who have not been involved in a previous TSiY concert*

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our front desk at

Thanks, we look forward to seeing you onstage!