2020/2021 — IN-STUDIO, ONLINE Private Lesson Tuition

2020/2021 — IN-HOME Private Lesson Tuition

Tuition Notes

– There are two recitals per year for Private Music students (aged 6+) plus additional performance opportunities. There are no additional fees for recitals.

– Private Music Lessons run from September to June each year.  Our new WunderKeys program runs in 3-terms (fall: introductory 13-week session, winter:10-week session, spring: 10-week session)

– Prices shown are for senior teachers and fees may be paid by cheque or by credit card (please note: convenience fees – charged by our online provider – apply to all credit card payments). NOTE: to keep our families and staff safe we are no longer accepting cash payments, but can accept Debit payments for in-studio purchases.

– Material and recital fees are included in tuition costs. Tuition fees do not cover specific method or repertoire books that will be required by students during the year. These books will be recommended on an as-needed basis by the student’s teacher.

– In-Home Private Lesson prices are for one in-home lesson on one day and include (average) travel time to and from the student’s home. Should there be more than one lesson/day (i.e. siblings take lessons back to back) only one charge for travel time will be incurred.

Tuition Discounts
– If paid in full before July 1, students receive a discount of $75
– If paid in full before August 1, students receive a discount of $50
– If paid in full before September 1, students receive a discount of $30